Birthday Weekend Recap

Hello Friends!  I hope you are coming off a restful weekend and are ready to take on this LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!  I am ready to knock out these last five days, but we had a busy and fun birthday weekend and very little rest!  Last week was SO BUSY and this week will be SO BUSY, and I don’t feel like I have posted much on social media, so I thought I’d do a bit of a recap of mine and Gracie’s birthdays!  Follow along if you’d like…

I struggle to get the kids up for school each and every day, but not on Thursday!  Brantley and Grayson were both so happy to be up for Grayson’s birthday!

One of our birthday traditions is that the birthday child gets to pick out their own birthday cake flavors, and I’ll make it for them from scratch on their birthday.  This year Gracie requested vanilla cake and vanilla frosting, so that’s what she got!  With some sprinkles just for fun. 🙂

I think Brantley was a baby when I painted this special day plate, and it’s come in handy ever since!  Gracie got to eat her birthday cinnamon rolls of it for breakfast.

I met the birthday girl for lunch in the cafeteria, and brought rice krispie treats (per her request) for her class treat.  She was having a big day and all her little friends were so cute and so happy to be celebrating her birthday with her!

After school, the kids came home and rested for a bit, and then we were off to dinner!  Gracie requested Mexican, so we headed out for Mexican.  We ate chips and salsa, quesadillas, and she got a special dessert, and her sweet Daddy even met us there and brought her flowers!  I think she was living her best life at El Ranchero, ha!

We headed home to cut into the birthday cake.  Everyone was so excited, and I am kind of obsessed with the way my child looks at cake, hahaha!

This girl had quite a big day, and I think her 7th year will be the best one ever!  Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Friday was a jam-packed day, full of lots of work and then a last minute Friday-night party!  With my birthday being on Saturday, I knew I wanted to either go out with some friends or just have a little get-together.  I wanted to have a kind of un-birthday party… and boy, did we have one.  On Tuesday, I asked Scott what he thought about having folks over on Friday night for dinner, just a casual get-together.  He agreed, and I sent out the Facebook invites.  We have hesitated having friends over for a while because we’re too tired, or have too much to do, or the walls really need to be painted, or I want to get the pictures changed out on the wall.  But you know what?  Nobody cares!!  Why not just have people over in the middle of all the chaos and have fun.  And that’s exactly what we did.  We’ll never get around to having friends over if we wait until all our projects are done.  We put very little planning into it, and asked people on a Tuesday to come over on Friday, and bring their kids, bring a dish, and bring themselves.  Honestly, I almost didn’t send out the invite because I was afraid nobody would come.  But y’all.  Just about everyone came.  And it was the BEST NIGHT.  We served hotdogs, chips, and popsicles for the kids, we made hamburgers for the adults, and everyone brought a side or a dessert.  The kids played outside and the adults chatted in the kitchen.  It was casual and laid back and fun and not stressful and not intimidating and last minute and so perfect.  People were even thanking me for throwing it together!  And honestly, I truly threw it together.  I ordered the groceries that day, had them delivered 2 hours before the party started, and cleaned up right before everyone showed up.  It was the least amount of prep I have ever done for a party, and one of the best times!  We had quite a big time.

And then Saturday morning I woke up to my birthday!!  I had grand intentions of getting up at 5am for the Royal Wedding, but instead I got out of bed about 7:30 and saw the last half live and youtubed the rest. 🙂  And then gushed over each and every picture all day long, and just cried my eyes out thinking how proud Princess Diana would have been of her boy!  After I got my Royal Wedding morning fix, we headed to our favorite Farmer’s Market, and thankfully the rain held off for us.  We grabbed some fresh veggies, listened to some old school bluegrass, and enjoyed the time outside.

Then we were off to Brantley’s softball team party!  We had an awesome season, and Brantley grew so much and loved playing with her sweet team this season.  Her coach was so wonderful, and gave the girls such sweet gifts- a framed picture with all their “signatures,” and the sweetest personal note to them on the back.  Such a special season!

After the softball party, we headed home to relax for a bit, but it was about time to start dinner!  Scott grilled some shrimp and pork chops, and I fixed up some of the veggies we got at the market.  Not a bad plate of shrimp, pork chops, corn, tomatoes, and okra!

It was a pretty ordinary Saturday, but honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I kept thinking if there was someplace I wanted to go or something I wanted to do, and I just wanted to be with my family and eat some good food!  Check and check.  Here’s to 36!!

On Sunday morning, we got up and ready, and had a great morning in church as usual.  We got home and ate a bit of lunch, and then it was time for the birthday girls to go out on a shopping trip!  Gracie requested some “shopping money” as part of her birthday gift, so we headed out to Target to spend her birthday money!

We had such a fun time one-on-one, which doesn’t happen nearly often enough!  And Gracie talked the. entire. time. and had a pretty good time shopping “just like mommy!” Sweet girl.  We headed home and finished some laundry, did some picking up, fixed some dinner, and fell right back into our normal routine.  What a weekend.

So thankful for this little family of mine, and all my incredible friends, their sweet husbands, and darling kiddos that made this weekend so special!!  Here’s to 7 for Gracie and 36 for me.  No doubt it will be the best year yet!!

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