Lutons Lately

I’ve been slacking over here, and thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on with the #LoganvilleLutons lately.

-Scott had a big conference in Atlanta four days last week, so instead of driving back and forth for early mornings and late nights, he stayed downtown Sunday through Thursday.  We managed just fine, but it was definitely a BUSY week!  I had a meeting in Atlanta and Ben had soccer practice on Monday, Brantley had softball and I had choir on Wednesday, and then Thursday, I organized and hosted our first networking meeting for Magnolia Marketing Group‘s Facebook Group, BLOOM with Magnolia Marketing!  We had an amazing turnout and I am still overwhelmed with the positive feedback.  We can’t wait for next month!

-Friday was a date night for me and my big boy Ben!  The kids school has the Father-Daughter Dance in February, and so they planned a Mother-Son Bowling Night for last week.  Honestly, I have not been bowling (or had any inclination to go bowling) since long before Scott and I even met, so, umm, it’s been a while!  But we actually had a GREAT time, just me and my little buddy.  We bowled, ate a little dinner, and played for a while in the arcade.  When I told him we had two games left and then we had to go, he didn’t complain one bit, and when it was time to go, he just grabbed my hand with no complaint, and we headed out!  I asked him what his favorite part of the night was, and he just said, “just playing games with you, Mommy!” Heart. Melted.

-Saturday morning, wouldn’t you know it, but Scott was playing in a golf tournament, so it was me and the kids with a softball game and a soccer game to take on!  First up was Brantley’s softball game.  She got the game ball after 2 hits, a couple of stopped grounders, and a caught pop fly!  Her little team won, and she did awesome.  Does anyone else get super nervous when their kids play ball?  I hold my breath every time she comes up to bat and yell like a crazy woman when she gets a hit or when she’s in the field and a ball is coming her way.  I’m as tired as she is after her games are over!

-Next up was Ben’s soccer game!  It takes him a minute to get into it and realize that he has to chase after the ball the whole time, but once he gets going, you can’t stop him!  He scored a few goals and their team won.  Though with this kid, I think the snack and Capri Sun at the end of each game is the best part, as far as he’s concerned!

-I wanted to get some things done around the house on Sunday, but took a nap after church and didn’t get much done at all!  I am NOT typically a nap taker, more for the fact that I always wake up disoriented and grumpy, and it takes me a good while to wake up get back to normal, but I have been allowing myself a decadent (as far as I’m concerned) Sunday afternoon nap the past several weeks after church on Sundays.  Should I be doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen? Yep.  Do I have about 267 things I ought to be doing other than napping?  You better believe it.  But I call it a bit of self-care.  And you can’t argue with self-care these days, right?

-And I know we’re late to the party, but we finally watched The Greatest Showman on Saturday (and Sunday!) night.  I LOVED it, just like I knew I would, but I was surprised at how much Scott liked it too!  I picked it to watch on Saturday, but he was the one that wanted to watch it again on Sunday!  It really lived up to the hype, and I can’t wait for the kids to see it.  They will no doubt be playing circus for days after they watch it!

-Monday I was back at it, after my lazy Sunday afternoon. I had a meeting in Covington then a bunch of other fires to put out before I headed into Atlanta for my monthly Lean In Circle meeting with one of my favorite clients, ShowMe50.  I always hit up The Poke Bar before our meeting, because I am 100% obsessed with poke bowls!  But the meetings are always so inspiring, and have taught me a lot of great leadership skills and built my confidence, and also expose me to such intelligent, unique perspectives on corporate culture, stereotypes, and biases.  You know that quote, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room?” Well, let’s just say, I’m never in the wrong room at the Lean In Circle meetings!

And things won’t be slowing down anytime soon!  My mom is coming to town today, we have softball and choir tonight, and then tomorrow I’ll be gone all day on a field trip with Brantley and mom will be on a field trip with Gracie!  We get back, and then will have to book it to Brantley’s softball game tomorrow night.  No rest for the weary, right?!  So give me a little grace around these parts if you don’t mind.  I promise, if I didn’t HAVE to sleep I never would, haha!

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