Friday Randoms

Another whirlwind busy week.  I often comment on how quickly the weeks pass, but this one has seemed to go on forever!  It hasn’t been for lack of being busy, we have just had some looooong days this week.  So, on this lovely Friday, I’m sharing a bunch of randomness from the past week and things on my mind.


  • THIS WEATHER IS KILLING ME SLOWLY.  75 degrees and sunny on Monday.  High of 47 on Tuesday.  Pollen on all the things.  Rain ONLY on the days we have soccer practice or softball games.  I know, I know, it’s a typical Spring in Georgia, and we all say the exact same thing every year, but OMGGGGGGG… this year is definitely the worst, right?!  Now watch this be one of the hottest and most miserable summers ever, haha.


  • Are you watching The Handmaid’s Tale?  If you haven’t watched season one, drop everything you’re doing and binge it.  You will not regret it.  It is so incredible, and season two launched on Wednesday.  They are releasing an episode or two at a time instead of the entire season (grrr), but at least it spreads it out a bit so you don’t watch it all in two days (like I would definitely do).  Either way, it’s amazing, and I highly recommend it.

  • Gracie started gymnastics this week and she is LOVING it.  After trying both softball and soccer, and not being really thrilled with either, we decided to give gymnastics a go, and so far so good!  She was so excited about “making new gymnastics friends” and new leotards, of course.  She walked in there like she owned the place- no anxiety, not nervous at all, just total excitement.  We watched her class through the observation windows in the gym, and I don’t think a smile left her face the entire time.  After class, her teacher said that she caught on very quickly and followed directions very well.  She can’t wait until next week, and I am so proud of her!!

  • On Wednesday, I went to an elementary school in Newton County with Scott to present “Supply Chain 101” to a bright group of 5th graders, and it was so awesome.  In partnership with APICS Atlanta, an organization that Scott has been affiliated with about as long as we’ve been married, Scott leads a presentation for elementary age students, teaching them about the end-to-end supply chain and all the intricacies of it, as well as all of the opportunities with careers in Supply Chain.  These kids were so engaged and so sharp that it gives me GREAT hope for the future!  They were smart and focused, and made for a wonderful afternoon volunteering.  Also, it’s always fun to see the other side of Scott- that business and professional side- in action.  It makes me very proud of him and the work he does.

  • Brantley has been leaving the sweetest little encouraging notes for me in my office and on my to-do lists lately!  Typically I would get irritated if she wrote on my lists (anyone else totally anal about the neatness of their to-do lists??), but these little notes have really been helpful in motivating me while I’m working.  Makes me think she really does see how hard we work and that everyone can use a little encouragement now and then!

  • We’ve been eating a lot of chopped salads lately, at least one, if not two, per week.  They’re super easy (and non-cook, most of the time), and I let the kids pick their toppings so they get what they like and will actually eat it!  Shown above was an Italian Chopped Salad, we’ve also had taco salad, roasted asparagus salad, white bean salad, greek salad, and a blackened fish taco salad.  All are good and perfect on those crazy random nice spring days.

  • Oh, spring pictures.  Didn’t buy them, but definitely took pictures of them, ha.  We have PLENTY of school pictures that are still in the envelope that they came home in, in our kitchen desk drawer, and I take copious amounts of pictures anyway, that I passed this go round.  Plus, don’t they just look thrilled to be having their pictures taken?! #fakesmiles


And that’s all I’ve got for today!  I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing/exciting/active/restful/fun/restorative/entertaining weekend!

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