Field Trips and Softball and Volunteering, Oh My! + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello friends!  As expected, we had a busy, busy end of last week with two field trips, a softball game, a quick family visit, and a morning of volunteering on Saturday.  I wrote up a little recap if you’d like to see…

On Thursday, I chaperoned Brantley’s third-grade field trip to Callaway Gardens, the Bulloch House in Warm Springs for lunch, and then to the Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari.  It was a long day, but we had a really, really fun time!

We started out at the Butterfly Center at Calloway Gardens

Next up was the chapel, which was so beautiful, especially on that bright, sunny day!

Next up was the Birds of Prey show which was SO cool!  We saw three different birds- an owl and two hawks that flew literally right over our heads and it was so fascinating.

After we ate lunch at the Bulloch House in Warm Springs (whoa, SO good!), we headed to the Wild Animal Safari.  Brantley and I both agreed that it was the best part of the whole trip!  You ride in a big school bus with the windows removed (if you go with your family, you can ride in a small bus or SUV with the windows removed), and the driver took us on a path through the safari, and the animals come right up and let you feed them.  It was SO much fun!!!  The animals were very friendly and docile, and were excited to get fed!  We fed giraffes, goats, horses, zebras, buffalo, pigs, ostriches, and tons of other creatures.  It was so cool!

We had such a fun time!

And while I was with Brantley on her trip, my mom was so sweet to come down and go with Grayson on HER field trip!  Her first-grade field trip to the Charlie Elliott Wilderness Center was the same day and I had told her prior to knowing the date, that I would be happy to chaperone her trip.  But Bammy stepped in and saved the day and I think they had a big time!

Gracie Lou caught three fish!

I think they had fun and Gracie was thrilled to tell me all about her trip!

Brantley and I got back just in time to make it to her softball game.  She got a hit and made such a key catch at the end of the game that she won the game ball!  Great end to a really long day!

We decided to volunteer at the Pat Tillman Honor Run on Saturday, but knowing that we had to be there SUPER early and it was about an hour or so away in Alpharetta, we thought we’d try to stay closer on Friday night so we weren’t having to leave the house at the break of dawn to get there.  My brother and sister in law were so sweet to let us stay with them so after I picked the kids up from school, we headed up to their house!  The kids were thrilled with the surprise and had a ball with their cousins Sally Kate and William.

We still had to leave really early, and arrived at North Pointe Mall while it was still dark out!  We learned that we would be making sure people driving into the mall would stay out of the runners’ way, and keeping the runners safe.  The kids took it upon themselves to give encouragement, high fives, wave and tell them good morning, and provide entertainment through impromptu dance parties!  It was chilly, but we had fun!  We also got to meet Arthur Blank and Falcons coach Dan Quinn which was pretty cool!

We headed home after the race and all proceeded to take some pretty epic naps and relaxed the rest of the day.  We watched the newest Star Wars movie (which Ben loved and talked through the entire thing), and took it easy.  Same for Sunday- church, home, laundry, ordered groceries, and took it easy.  It was much deserved after such a crazy busy last few weeks!  Thankfully I think this week won’t be quite as busy as the last several, but it’s only a short break since May will be insane!!


I’m excited to have another week of meals from Home Chef to try out.  Grayson starts gymnastics this week, so we have activities every night of the week pretty much from now on.  So quick and easy dinners are more important than ever now!  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Sunday- Korean Tilapia Tacos with Gojujang Slaw (from Home Chef)
Monday- Italian Chopped Salads with Bread
Tuesday- Banh Mi Meatball Subs with Sweet Potato Rounds (from Home Chef)
Wednesday- Grilled Honey Mustard Salmon with Tomato Relish and Asparagus (from Home Chef)
Thursday- Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Spaghetti with Tomato Bruschetta(from Home Chef)
Friday- Blackened Tilapia Taco Bowls
Saturday- Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli

I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!

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