Easter Weekend Recap

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend- He Lives!  The kids had Good Friday off, which made for a great start to our Easter weekend, and to our Spring Break.  Here’s a bit of a recap of our beautiful Easter weekend!

It was nice to take it easy on Friday morning.  Ben “built a factory” with his legos.  This kid LOVES his legos!

While Brantley was playing Barbies, Gracie was watching tv and snuggling Dolly.

But after a while, we decided to get out of the house!  We headed to Downtown Monroe to visit our favorite little book shop, walk around a bit, and even get some cupcakes!

After our trip to Monroe, we headed home to pick up Scott, and then out to do a bit of shopping!  Scott needed some new business attire, so the poor kids had to come with us as he got fitted for a new suit and sportscoat, try on shoes, and all the things that kids love to do, haha!  I remember going suit shopping for my dad with my parents and my brother growing up, and how MISERABLE it always was, haha!  A rite of passage, I suppose.  Afterwards, we headed home, did a bit of cleaning and picking up to get ready for my parents to arrive on Saturday!

I got up Saturday and did a little more cleaning, then ran some errands before my parents arrived around lunchtime!  We headed back to Monroe for some small-town, non-chain, non-fast food eating, and were not disappointed at the Butcher Block in downtown Monroe.  Mom and I let the men take the kids and play around the courthouse (they LOVE the big porch and rocking chairs, and can seriously play there for hours!), and we did a bit of shopping!  Downtown Monroe has had several really cute home decor, gift, and apparel shops open lately, and so we took advantage.  I love supporting the local businesses and shop downtown whenever I have the chance (which is not nearly enough!).  We also visited Revolutionaries Market, one of my FAVORITES, and grabbed some coffee.  Scott also introduced the kids to a typewriter, when Brantley asked, “what is this thing??” Kids these days.

We got home and started doing a bit of Easter dinner prep.  Sweet Gracie always loves to help in the kitchen, so she and my mom snapped green beans together which was so sweet.  I used to snap fresh green beans with my grandmother straight from her garden, at a picnic table in her backyard.  Gracie and Mom were actually snapping beans right into my grandmother’s bowl!

We did some last-minute egg dying and used the boiled and colored eggs for deviled eggs on Easter.  The kids loved having their own little dying kits (thanks, Dollar Tree!), rather than having to share the dye between the three of them.

We prepped just about as much as we could- I baked the ham, we made the green beans, made the macaroni and cheese up until you put it in the oven to bake, Mom had already made the ambrosia, so we got everything made that we could ahead of time.  The kids finally went to bed, we ate a big steak dinner with zucchini and squash, mushrooms, and roasted okra.  Then once most everyone else turned in for the evening, I got back to work!  I had already made Brantley’s Easter dress earlier in the week, but still had to make Grayson’s dress and Ben’s coordinating tie.  It was a long night, haha!  THEN, the Easter Bunny had to assemble Easter baskets to ensure happy kiddos in the morning.  All in all, it was about 3am before I got to bed!  Well worth it, though.

I woke everyone up around 7:00 so we’d have plenty of time to go through Easter baskets and sit and chat before we had to get ready for church.  I kept Easter baskets pretty simple this year- the kids each got 2 outfits each, two small toys a piece, a coloring book, chocolate bunny, a few Easter eggs with candy, a KinderEgg (the highlight of their baskets, they said!), a couple Kool Aid drinks (which they promptly consumed), and some Cheez-Its.  They seemed really happy and plopped right down and started coloring in the floor! We began to get ready for church, and I thought the kids looked just darling.  I die for Easter outfits.  And Ben LOVES dressing up “like Daddy” for church.  Brantley has gotten much pickier about the clothes she likes to wear, but thankfully she still likes for me to make her clothes and special occasion dresses, especially when she is able to help pick out the pattern and the fabrics!  Grayson loves dresses, so she’s still easy to dress.  And Ben’s precious little suit came from Target and he loved his tie that matched his sisters.  Luckily he likes clothes and likes looking “handsome,” so he’s easy to dress too!

And we were on our way to church!

After a beautiful service, we got home and got to work on lunch, since we had a hungry crew!  We had a great spread:

Our Easter Menu:

Deviled Eggs
Rolls (Sister Schubert’s all the way!)
Green Beans (not pictured)
Macaroni and Cheese
Mom’s Carrot Cake (not pictured)

We ate til we were stuffed, then had a quick little egg hunt in the yard for the kids, since Brantley and Grayson have aged out of school egg hunts!  After a bit of a rest, we packed the kids up, and they headed back to Blue Ridge with Bammy and PaDaddy for a few days in the mountains with their cousins!

So Scott and I did what any parents would do whose kids are away for a few days, we went out on a date!!!  We headed to downtown Athens to walk around a bit and work off a fraction of the calories we had just consumed.  There weren’t many people out, being Easter Sunday (though, more than I was expecting!), and there wasn’t much open, but the weather was so, so nice and it was great to be outside and getting some fresh air!  After we had enough walking, we headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few necessities since a full-on weekly grocery trip was unnecessary due to the copious amounts of leftovers we had and the fact that it’s only the two of us until Wednesday!  Then we hit up Marker 7 Coastal Grill in Five Points for a very light dinner of oysters, mussels, and peel and eat shrimp with a few beers on the patio.  A perfect evening for a dinner outside!

We had a lovely afternoon and evening and came home to a very quiet house!  We watched American Idol and fell asleep on the sofa, and it made for a lovely Easter.  We miss the kiddos, but are enjoying our quiet time together for a few days to start our spring break!

We had a beautiful Easter weekend, and I hope you did too!

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