Celebration Invitations with the Paperless Post

Who doesn’t love a party, am I right?  I love the planning, and the decorating, and making cute theme-coordinated finger foods, and of course, super cute matching invitations.  And in fact, I’ll be doing all those lovely things next month for Brantley and Grayson’s birthday party in June!

But sometimes, you just run out of time.  Or you plan a party on the fly.  Or daggumit, you just don’t want to write out all the dang invitations ’cause you’re just tired, and you just KNOW the internet has an easier way.  Well, you would be right!  Enter Paperless Post.

Paperless Post is a design website where you can create invitations, cards, notes, and many different kinds of correspondence that is elegantly and gracefully sent online right into your friends’ inboxes!  They have sophisticated and stylish options for just about any event, and make the process so easy.  You select your card or invitation, customize it with your text, or your event information, choose from  a couple of additional options, add the recipeints’ email addresses, and send.  Invitations out!  Or birthday card sent!  Or thank you note en route!  Paperless Post makes it super easy to reach out to people online to then connect in real life.

So when it came time for me to send out an invitation for Magnolia Marketing Group‘s 2nd Anniversary Celebration, the Paperless Post was a quick an easy solution.  I wanted to send out an invitation but didn’t have enough time.  And I wanted something a bit more special than a basic email.  Paperless Post had so many lovely options for an invitation that suited my style and made the celebration seem a little bit more festive!

Since I am a HUGE Rifle Paper Co fan, I chose one of the invitation cards in the Rifle Paper Co and Paperless Post collaboration collection.  I selected the background that the invitation is displayed on, and even the design on the virtual envelope liners that the cards come out of, to make it a completely customizable experience.  Much prettier than a plain, boring email, and MUCH easier than having these printed myself!  I added the recipients’ emails and the event information and sent those puppies right out.  Now folks can RSVP and leave a comment, and I can see who can make it and who can’t.  Really great for event management, especially large parties. Perfect!

Since I am the world’s worst about sending birthday cards, thinking of you cards, MOTHER’S DAY CARDS, you can bet I’ll be using Paperless Post to reach out to my friends and family in the future!

*Post sponsored by Paperless Post, but all opinions and ideas are my own!

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