What I’ve Been Listening To + Weekly Meal Plan

Was yesterday the most Monday of all Mondays or what?  Losing an hour and springing forward has our whole family out of sorts.  Not to mention that it was a rainy and cold morning, and throw in a case of strep throat for Miss Brantley, and we had a rough start to the week.  But it’s supposed to be sunny and a bit warmer today, so here’s hoping for the best!

Now y’all know what a huge fan of TV and movies I am, but I am also 100% obsessed with podcasts (I am clearly just a media junkie).  I don’t even turn on the radio in the car anymore, I always have a podcast on.  While I walk, or work, or cook, I am always listening and learning, and there are some AWESOME podcasts to listen to to suit just about any interests!

I have been listening to quite the mix of podcasts lately, and thought I’d share a few of my favorites here today!  And I am always on the lookout for new ones to listen to, so make sure to share your favorites!

slow burn

Slow Burn– Slow Burn is a podcast all about the Watergate scandal.  I am a big history nerd, and really didn’t know much about Watergate or Nixon’s resignation shortly after.  It’s only eight episodes and goes very quickly, and really is very fascinating.

Atlanta Monster– Have I talked about this one already?  Maybe I’ve just told several people about it.  It’s from Payne Lindsey who produced the popular podcast Up and Vanished, that actually led to a break in the Tara Grinstead in South Georgia.  Atlanta Monster investigates the streak of murders of young black boys in the early 1980s in Atlanta.  I had never even heard of the murders prior to listening to the podcast, and it’s equal parts disturbing and frightening to listen to.  It moves a little slower than Up & Vanished, but it’s still interesting.  I’m very curious to see how it’s going to end.


This Podcast Will Kill You– Do you find infectious diseases as fascinating as I do (I know, I’m weird)??  But if you like movies like Outbreak and Contagion, you might just like this podcast too!  The two hosts talk about the origin of super scary diseases like the plague, smallpox, and others, how they affected humans throughout history, and how they still affect us today.  You can really start getting freaked out about the threat of bio-warfare if you listen long enough, but it’s really interesting.

Splendid Table– Believe it or not, I only listen to one podcast about food!  But the Splendid Table is excellent.  It’s almost more like an interview/variety/60 Minutes-type show about cultural cuisines, chefs, restaurants, and all things food.  I love the answers to the call-in questions at the end of the show, and you always learn something new by listening.

I’ll Tell You What…with Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt– And I’ll Tell You What is the only political podcast I’ll listen to!  I have always been a big fan of Dana Perino, and Chris Stirewalt has an incredible and vast knowledge of American political history.  They are fair and pick equally at both sides of the aisle, but keep it fun!

Cocaine and Rhinestones– My newest guilty pleasure!  If you’re a fan of OLD, classic country music, this content n this podcast is really great. It’s all about the legends of country music, the performers and their music, and what crazy stories there are behind some of the biggest names and most classic songs in country music.  Some of the episodes are pretty long, but they are very thorough and full of fascinating information.  The episodes on Merle Haggard’s Classic “Okie from Muskogee” and Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe” are both really interesting to me.  They’re a little rough around the edges (first podcast for host Tyler M. Coe), but still really good

Honorable Mentions (I listen to these on a weekly basis and are always awesome):

Goal Digger
How I Built This
Stuff You Should Know
My Favorite Murder


I am excited to try Blue Apron again for three of our meals this week!  I have a coupon to try Hello Fresh, but the menus haven’t been as appealing lately as the Blue Apron ones have, so I’m waiting until Blue Apron has an off week.  But honestly, even the times I’m not thrilled with the choices, we have never had a bad meal! So we’ll see how this week goes, but I’m betting it will be good.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Sunday: Sauteed Fish with Zucchini and Squash with Baked Potatoes
Monday: Roasted Asparagus Salad with French Bread
Tuesday: Mexican Pinto Beans with Rice and Tortillas
Wednesday: Italian Style Shrimp and Sweet Peppers
Thursday: Pizza (I will be off with Brantley on a field trip at the zoo!)
Friday: Quick Bucatini
Saturday: Mushroom & Fontina Grilled Cheese with a Fig & Apple Salad

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