Friday Coffee Talk

Happy Friday, friends!  Isn’t it funny how even if you’ve had the week off school or even if it’s the summer, it always feels SO GOOD to know it’s Friday??!  That’s totally how I feel today.  AND the fact that I’m doing something a little different on the blog today!  Instead of writing a post about what’s been going on around here lately and what we’ve been up to, I made a video!

So pretend like we’re sitting together, over coffee, and just chatting about what’s going on.  And, I guess, imagine that I’m just talking about myself the whole time, haha!!  I thought it would be fun and a change from the normal post.  And I’m thinking that it might become a regular thing!  Once or twice a month, maybe?  So, WELCOME to the first FRIDAY COFFEE TALK here on Goat & Lulu!

Things we discuss in the video:

So let me know what you think about the new video blog post!  Twice a month?  Once a month?  Never again (haha)? Either way, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend!!


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