Four Years of Father-Daughter Dances + Weekly Meal Plan

On Friday night, Scott went to his FOURTH Father-Daughter Dance with his little girls (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE). It’s Brantley’s and Grayson’s favorite night of year!  Fancy dresses, (a little bit of) makeup, (just barely) high heels, and a special night out with their Daddy.

As I was posting this year’s pictures, I was reminded of years past.  Anyone remember this sweet little girl?

Brantley’s first Daddy-Daughter Dance was in kindergarten, and I thought she looked so, so beautiful I nearly cried as she was getting ready!  I think it was the first time I had ever curled her hair, and I thought it was just so beautiful.

Gracie still had to wait a few years for her turn!  For Brantley’s first grade dance, I made her dress.  She wanted a black dress with a sparkly skirt, and that’s what she got!  That tulle nearly killed me, though!

And then last year was Gracie’s first year to get to be Scott’s co-date for the big dance!  I let the girls pick out the pattern and the fabric for their dresses, and OF COURSE they picked another dress with a huge tulle skirt, ha!  As much of a nightmare as they were to sew (I have sworn off tulle for the foreseeable future), they looked like little princesses.  And I loved that sweet ruffle neckline!

And then this year.  These sweet little girls and their daddy.  They beamed with pride as he told them how beautiful they looked, and my mama heart just shattered a bit as I realized how much older they looked this year.

They had a ball!  They got home and Brantley told me how much fun it was to dance with her daddy and her friends, and Grayson told me all about all the sprite she drank and cupcakes she ate, haha! #typical I am just so thankful that their daddy loves them so much that he is willing to endure an awkward evening amidst a sea of squealing elementary school girls to spend a bit of time with them and make them feel so special.  What lucky girls we are to have Scott Luton to call our own!!


I decided to forgo Blue Apron this week, since I kind of just wanted a break from it, but I also didn’t love the menu selections for the week.  But I think next week I’m going to try Hello Fresh for something new!  I’ve heard that the recipes are good, and that they are typically a little quicker to make than Blue Apron, so we’ll see, and I’ll report back on the findings.  But favorite meal from last week?  The Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts shown above!  Whoa- they are a must-try.  We will be eating those again for sure.  Here’s what we’ll be having this week!

Monday- Shrimp Fajitas and Refried Black Beans
Tuesday- Salmon Patties, Roasted Asparagus, and Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday- Valentine’s Date!
Thursday- Vegetable Pasta e Fagioli
Friday- Salmon Kale Caesar Salad with French Bread

Hope you have an AMAZING Monday and a great week!

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