I haven’t written up a Currently post in a while (this one and this one were the last ones!)!  Here’s what’s currently on my mind and on my heart…

Appreciating- The amazing Children’s Ministry staff at our church.  The kids LOVE going on Wednesdays and Sundays (and at minimum one of the three cries when we leave), and Gracie and Brantley just joined the Glee Club, which meets during our Sunday service (Ben’s not quite old enough yet).  So they are belting out their praise songs anytime we are in the car, and it’s literally music to my ears.  Sweet voices singing about giving their lives to Jesus!  So thankful for the amazing people that make loving the Lord really fun for my kids.

Reading- Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.  I’m late to the game, but it’s definitely speaking to me.  This one is up next… I want to read the book before I see the movie!

Listening- To podcasts all day ERRRRRYday.  My recent faves: Atlanta Monster, Lore (always and forever), Goal Digger, Risen Motherhood, Stuff You Should Know, Young Charlie, and My Favorite Murder.

Tasting- Blue Apron dinner recipes!  I’ve decided to do a meal planning service a few times a month to make meal planning a bit simpler (I LOVE meal planning, but it can take a good bit of time!).  But if you watched my Instagram stories the other night, you’d have seen that I have had two Blue Apron boxes recently and an ingredient left out of both!  Might have to switch it up and try Hello Fresh and/or Sunbasket… any preferences?

Learning- That backing up your computer is not only important, it’s a NECESSITY.  My computer crapped out on me on Wednesday and I ended up having to replace it yesterday.  THANKFULLY, I had saved a lot of files and all my pictures, and other information on the cloud via Dropbox, Google Drive, Chrome, etc., but a lot that I lost (and maybe still hope to recover?) because I had not backed up files with my external hard drive in quite some time.  But I have now learned to not save ANYTHING to my computer without backing it up in at least one other place.

Embracing- Early morning routines.  It’s not easy for me, but I will say that when I get up early, get the coffee going long before the kids are up, and I have some time to myself before the chaos begins, the mornings go smoother.

Anticipating- A fun trip to Savannah that I get to tag along on with my honey the last week of the month!

Working- on Father Daughter Dance dresses for the girls for next Friday!  Can’t wait to see the finished products!

Making- Time for walking, praying, and meditation in my schedule each day.  I literally write them in as if they are appointments on my calendar!  I didn’t do a great job in January (isn’t January just like a warm up for the rest of the year?  2018 really started for real yesterday?), but I’m gonna make it happen in February

Watching- The Super Bowl this Sunday JUST so I don’t miss a moment of This is Us.  I mean, RIGHT?  Tom Brady who?  Give me Jack Pearson, please.

Accepting- That I am just not meant to have a clean house in this season of my life.  When I was really prioritizing my goals for the year and planning out my 2018, “decluttering and simplifying” was on my list, but “having a clean house” was not!  It’s not a priority for me right now, and so I’m not going to feel bad about not dedicating a lot of time to it right now.  My priorities and goals for this year revolve around my family, myself, and my business, and that’s where I plan on focusing the majority of my time (now, this doesn’t mean my house won’t be clean when you come visit, and in fact, it will be VERY clean if and when you visit, because when I know we have company coming, that’s about the only time I stop and dedicate a little time to cleaning!!).  And I’m not going to harbor any guilt for it anymore!  There’ll be plenty of time for a clean house later on.

Organizing- 2 rooms and/or areas of the house each month.  Simplifying and decluttering the house is one of my biggest goals this year!  I knocked out Ben’s room and our game/craft closet in January, and my office and the huge laundry pile on the stairs is on the docket for this month.

Planning- Our summer!  ALREADY!  Beach trips, Vacation Bible School, and summer camps are filling up our calendar! We only have the last week of May, then June and July, before we go back AUGUST 1st, so we have to make the most of it!

Loving- These bagels on the weekends.  SO EASY and really good!!

Buying- A bunch of bargains!!  I found two cardigans for the girls the other day for $5 each, a button up for Ben for $3, several pairs of sweatpants (AKA “comfy pants”) for comfy days at school for him for $2 each, and two work dresses for me for $6 each!  I don’t like paying full price for anything, much less at the end of the season.  And speaking of, I have had my eyes on several new items for my Spring must-have list!  I love cold weather clothes, but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to some warmer days and lighter layers before too much longer!

Finishing- The renovations on our condo in Atlanta so we can put the thing on the market and get it SOLD!

Daring- To get out of my comfort zone and really put myself and my business out there in 2018.  As Christy Wright says, “Do it Scared!”

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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