Happy New Year! 2017: Year in Review

Helllllooooooo friends!!  It was not my intention to take such a long break through the holidays… my WordPress blog server was down for almost two weeks and it took me a while to figure THAT out, and then it took them a while to get it fixed!  But here we are now, back up, and a lot to catch up on!

I had several end-of-year blog posts planned that will just be published a bit late.  Nothing much more that you can do when technology doesn’t cooperate with your blog schedule!

So, we say goodbye to 2017 and say hello to 2018!  2017 was definitely not short of it’s own challenges, but overall, it was a really good year for us.  Lots of personal and professional growth, and WOW how the kids have changed this year!  I wanted to go through each month and share highlights from each month as we reflect back on all that 2017 brought us!


I started off the month of January pretty sick, but the Loganville Luton Mafia here ruled the neighborhood on their bikes!  We also spent a lot of time in the Farmer’s Market, beginning our healthier eating journey.


In February, Scott took the girls out for a very special date, to the Father-Daughter Dance at school!  Ben started t-ball, and my heart melted into a puddle right there on those brick steps!


In March we celebrated my grandmother’s 85th birthday with her, I went to Chatanooga with Brantley on her class field trip and she and Grayson started soccer!


In April, Scott and I were able to scoot away to Savannah for a long weekend, we had a beautiful Easter, and spring sports were in full swing!


Scott and I joined my brother and sister in law for a Braves game in May, then my mom and I celebrated my 35th birthday in Hilton Head!  Then we ALL celebrated the end of school and Memorial Day!


We celebrated Gracie AND Brantley’s birthdays with an Alice in Wonderland birthday in June, and then headed to Nashville for a super fun trip!


In July, we celebrated the Fourth of July at the Braves game!  Then while the kids went to camp with Bammy and PaDaddy, Scott and I stole away to Greenville for the weekend!


School started back early in August, but the kids were excited! And they LOVED watching the solar eclipse!


One word.  DISNEY!


Brantley made us so proud in October by becoming an acolyte, we took the kids to their first Clemson game, and we had a fun Halloween!


I started off November with an amazing Business Boutique Conference in Nashville, then wonderful Thanksgivings with both sides of the family, and home by ourselves!


In December, we had a lovely afternoon with Santa, visited both sides of the family, enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home, and then rounded out the year at Rosemary Beach with friends.

2017 was good to us, and I just KNOW 2018 hold s a lot of new, wonderful, and exciting things ahead of us too.  Happy New Year, my friends!  Here’s to a fresh start, a clean slate, and the best year yet!

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