Weekly Meal Plan

I have to admit, I’m getting really excited about Thanksgiving dinners!  We’ll get a couple family dinners, and then on actual Thanksgiving Day, my little family just stays home and has Thanksgiving just the five of us.  It’s one of my very favorite days of the year- we make our family favorites, eat, relax, and enjoy each other’s company!  We might throw in a Christmas movie too, to kick off the season. 🙂  But this week, we’re sticking to our plant-based diet, knowing full-well that we’ll be eating lots of turkey and other goodies next week!  So, here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Sunday- Homemade Vegetable Soup & French Bread
Monday- Roasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl (shown above- it was amazing!) 
Tuesday- Vegan Garlic Alfredo (subbing in broccoli and mushrooms for the peas and asparagus) & Salad
Wednesday- Grilled Zucchini and Hummus Wraps with Vegetable Chips
Thursday- Pioneer Woman’s Kicked-Up Tatertot Hotdish (subbed soy crumbles for ground beef- shown above) and Green Beans
Friday- Headed to Blue Ridge to have dinner at Bammy and PaDaddy’s!

I love posting my weekly meal plan, and I LOVE getting feedback from friends and followers, talking about how you like reading the recipes I share, and like to incorporate a meatless dinner into your meal plans every once in a while, or more regularly!  So here are my questions for you– what else would you like to see?  Do you like the meal plans and do you want to see more vegan(ish) meal ideas?  Would you like to see my reviews of the recipes I try and pictures of the results?  Do you want to begin meal planning but don’t know how or where to start or how to stay consistent?  More quick and easy meals?  Would you like for me to share my own recipes and ideas?  Spam me with all the answers and I’ll try to make it happen!

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