Halloween Through the Years

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a super fun and not-so-scary Halloween yesterday!  We had our traditional Halloween pizza dinner (I never wanted to eat dinner before going out when I was little, so I make it as easy as possible and something the kids want to eat for our kids!), then started Trick or Treating just a smidge later than years past, since the kids are a bit older (we weren’t done by sun-down like before, ha!).  We made it about halfway through the neighborhood before Ben took a seat in a neighbor’s driveway, and said, “I’m done.  Just leave me here.” Hahaha!  My poor little Darth Vader was worn out!  But I convinced him to keep going, and we made it through and back to the house around 8:00.  They divided up their candy, made a few trades, got to eat two pieces, and then headed for bed and crashed!  It was a Halloween success.

I know so many people are over it and moving right on to Christmas, but I couldn’t help but do a little reminiscing last night after my little trick or treaters went to bed.  I can’t believe that this was our ninth Halloween as parents (!!!), and have had so much fun through the years.  Here’s a little trip down memory lane with all the sweet costumes the kids have had:

Baby Brantley as a Flower- 2009

Brantley the Cow and her Farmers- 2010

Sesame Street!  Brantley as Elmo, Baby Gracie as Abby Cadaby, Grover, and Ernie- 2011

My sweet three little baby bears- 2012

Superheroes!  Wonder Woman Brantley, Super Girl Gracie, and Batman Ben- 2013

Off to Neverland!  Tinkerbell Gracie, Wendy Brantley, and Peter Pan Ben- 2014

Ben the Bat, Brantley the Cat, and Rapunzel Gracie- 2015

Inside Out!  Ben was Anger, Brantley was Joy, and Gracie was Sadness- 2016

Brantley as Cleopatra, Ben as Darth Vader, and Grayson as a Witch- 2017

I love a good Halloween costume theme, but we just couldn’t hammer one down this year, even though the kids were all about trying to do it!  So they picked out their own costumes, and I thought they really were so cute.  And isn’t it so funny how kids put on their Halloween costumes and assume their new personalities right away?!  Though, Brantley’s wasn’t too far from normal– she was bossing everyone around and acting like the queen, haha!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, and now onto Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!

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