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Hi Friends!  I am excited to post a few outfits today for What I Wore Wednesday.  I wanted to share something quickly though, that a friend of mine made me realize yesterday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about myself.  I feel more confident and feel better about myself when I get a shower, get dressed, and do my hair and makeup.  Good or bad, I feel best when I put some effort into my appearance and try to look my best.  Probably partly because of the way I was raised, and that my mom is the same way, but also just because I love clothes, I love makeup, and I like to look put together (READ: it doesn’t always mean I AM put together, I just try to LOOK like I am, haha!).  Several years ago when I was in a group for support and camaraderie, ironically, among mothers with small children, I heard it through the grapevine that someone had called me a snob because “she’s always so dressed up.”  While there may have been other reasons that she thought I was a snob, that one reason stuck with me and kind of broke my heart, as dumb as it may sound to others.  The one thing I tried to do in those days, when my time was filled with diaper changes and vomit stains, nap training, and baby food, and ZERO time for myself,  was to get a shower and get dressed IF POSSIBLE when I left the house for a playdate.  Call it self-care or just call it being vain, but I really tried to look my best when I would get out of the house (which was NOT often) because that made ME feel good.  And she was criticizing me over the one thing I could do at the time to make myself feel pretty?  When post-partum depression and anxiety and those difficult days with three kids three and under were very real to me?  It still bothers me.

Fast forward to yesterday when a friend of mine posted that she had gotten something out of her closet that I had mentioned in a previous post, had it dry cleaned and put it on to wear this fall, and it made her feel good.  She said “I’m NOT hating myself!” and “I now have real style goals!” All in good humor, her post was funny and clever, and undeservedly self-deprecating (which is one of the things I love about her- she’s incredible), but it made me so happy.  I don’t post about what I wear to brag or impress anyone or to try to be a fashion blogger or anything else (I mean, half my clothes are from WalMart, and I clearly do not have the shape for modeling, ha!).   I post outfits because it makes me feel good.  I like to get dressed and give other women like me- hard working moms (whether you work hard in the home or outside of it) outfit ideas when you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on yourself.  And if it makes you feel good about yourself, more power to you!  Get it, girl!  And PLEASE don’t read this as me saying that if you don’t want to shower today or if you would rather wear yoga pants and sports bras all day, that I’m judging.  Or even that you would feel better about yourself if you dressed up or did these same things as me.  That’s not what I want to communicate at all.  All I would say and all I would encourage you to do is DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  Do what makes you feel YOUR best.  It may not be rolling your hair and putting on makeup like it is for me.  And like Amy Poehler says, it may be “good for you.  Not for me.”  And that’s totally okay (and I believe that 100% and feel that way about other things other moms are very passionate about)!!  But posting what I wear makes me happy.  And all your amazing comments about trying new outfits or getting ideas from my posts make me SOOOO happy.  And what makes me even happier is women (myself included) doing things to make themselves feel the best they can about themselves, and supporting other women in their efforts as well, no matter what they are.

Didn’t know I was going to get quite so deep today, huh?!  LOL- but if you’re still reading, and want to pause rolling your eyes at me for a minute, haha, here are a few things I wore last week!

An old favorite- I wear this Old Navy dress on repeat from fall through spring.  It’s a great swing style and very forgiving since it’s not clingy at all.

Black and White Swing Dress- Old Navy
Tan Lace Up Booties- K-Mart!
Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections

I am on the hunt for some versatile fall pieces that I can wear for work functions.  I’m headed to a conference next weekend in Nashville (!!!), and I have several other networking opportunities, events, and occasions over the next few months that require something other than jeans and casual dresses!  I’m thinking some neutral shift dresses,  a few blazers, and a few classic pairs of pants and I ought to be good.  I LOVE this charcoal gray a-line dress with lantern sleeves.  Very versatile, neutral color, I can dress it up or down, and I feel like it’s not SO conservative- I like garments to have a bit of interest to them, which I have in the sleeves on this dress.  It will definitely be going to Nashville with me, and I’ll probably wear it a hundred more times this fall and winter.

Charcoal Gray A-Line Dress- Juliana’s Boutique
Tan Criss Cross Block Heel- DSW
Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections (my favorite necklace!  It goes with everything!)

I got this shawl several years ago from Anthropologie, and though I don’t wear it often, it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet!  It elevates an otherwise monochromatic outfit, and I love the pattern and colors.  I wore this the other day running a ton of errands, working, and for lunch with a friend.

Patterned Fringe Shawl- Anthropologie
Black Criss Cross Tunic- Bella Grace
Black Ponte Pants- Gap
Nude Booties- DSW

More errands, and definitely more casual!  Tunic-jeans-booties (and maybe a cardigan) is definitely a fall uniform for me.  Super easy and very little effort, haha.

Rust Gauze and Crochet Tunic- Given to me from my mom (thanks, Mom!)
Distressed Jeans- Target
Booties- Kenneth Cole from Macy’s
Gold Tassel Earrings- c/o Zaful

And that’s all I’ve got for today!  I’ll be linking up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy, so check out all the awesomeness and outfit ideas over there today.  And thanks, always, for reading and for your continued support.



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