So Thankful it’s Friday!!

WHAT. A. WEEK. Oh my goodness.  It was supposed to be fall break, and yes, the kids were home from school, but it was anything but a break!!  I’m exhausted, they’re all sick,  and we’re just so, SO happy that it’s Friday.  We had to reschedule several things this week and change our weekend plans, but more than anything, we are hoping to be able to relax and rest a bit!  Sleep a little late on Saturday, maybe head to the farmer’s market, and maybe even catch a nap!  What a treat!

So here are a few things from our week, and I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

We took our annual family photos yesterday!  We worked with Laura Roush of Laura Roush Photography, and she was fantastic.  I actually won the session as part of a Facebook giveaway last year (pretty awesome, right?!), and what a blessing!!  Laura was amazing and for being about 85 degrees in fall clothes, the kids did great.  The picture above was just a quick snapshot I took of the kids, and I cannot WAIT to see the real ones from Laura!!  I would highly recommend her if you’re local!

I talked about the new podcast Dirty John last week, and I finished it yesterday.  It’s only six episodes and SO GOOD!!  If you have some spare time or are going to be in the car, you have to listen!  A quick and easy true-crime podcast to listen to, and it keeps you interested the entire time.

I made these Roasted Harvest Vegetable and Quinoa Bowls for dinner the other night, and they were SO good!  Roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, and carrots over quinoa with a lemon-tahini dressing.  It was really easy, came together quickly, healthy, and GOOD!  Perfect for fall.

If we do anything this weekend, I really want to go to the last Farmer’s Market of the season in Downtown Monroe!  We haven’t been able to go since baseball and softball started back in JULY, and in addition to the normal market they typically have, the Fall Fest is going on with lots of other fun things for the kids, and FOOD TRUCKS!  Can’t resist.  There’s also a few new shops that have opened and one of my favorites that has relocated, and I’d love to pop in and look around.

Does anyone listen to the Lore podcast??  It’s a super creepy, but not overtly scary, podcast about legends and myths about the supernatural.  Real-life events that fuel modern day superstitions and scary stories.  The podcasts are short- 20-30 minutes, but TODAY the Lore TV show debuts on Amazon Prime Video!!  I have been waiting for this and am so anxious to watch it (perfect for Friday the 13th!).  A lot of the reviews say it’s just so-so, but I’m a big fraidy-cat, so it will probably be just scary enough for me.  I’m thinking the grown-up version of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I was glad that we were able to head into Atlanta earlier this week to visit and have lunch with my mom and grandmother at her retirement facility!  B’mama was so excited to see the kids, and they loved seeing her too!  Sometimes kids can be a little shy and nervous around older folks, and we don’t get to see B’mama often so I wasn’t sure how the kids were going to respond.  But they were so sweet, asked her questions and talked with her, and they did some coloring after we ate and allowed me, B’mama, and mom to chat a bit.  On a side note- her facility is right down the road from Emory University, the CDC, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Egleston, where I used to work.  The area looks AMAZING!!  There has been a ton of growth and development since I worked there (I left CHOA right before Gracie was born, over six years ago!), and it looks incredible.  All the shopping and new restaurants in addition to the apartments and condos are so nice and I wish it had all been there while I was working!  Anyway, we had a really nice visit, and it was a nice break in an otherwise overwhelming week.

So that’s about it for me today!  Brantley and I are on our way to the doctor for her annual checkup- please say a prayer if you don’t mind, that all goes well and normally.  She’s going to spend the night with a good friend tonight, so me, Scott, and the two littles are going to TAKE IT EASY, and I can’t wait.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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