Friday Favorites

Never sad to see a Friday, and today is no exception!  The kids have early release today, then I have conferences with Brantley’s and Grayson’s teachers, and then we’re off for a week for Fall Break!  We have a few fun things planned, and I am also hoping for some downtime and relaxation too.

Today I’m sharing a few of our favorite things from this past week.  Wishing you a very happy Friday and a great weekend!

Dirty John Podcast

Ohmygosh, have you heard about this podcast??!!  Dirty John is new- only 4 episodes so far, and it is SO GOOD.  I just happened upon it the other day when I was looking for a new podcast to listen to, and this one is awesome.  If you are a true crime addict like me, it’s totally for you!  It’s the story of a very successful woman who marries a man with a shady past, but she has NO IDEA how shady it actually is.  It’s so good, and you need to start listening to it yesterday.  Check it out here.

Brantley’s First Sunday as an Acolyte

This past Sunday, Brantley made her debut as an acolyte in our church.  She was nervous, but she did an amazing job!!  I watched her walk down the center aisle holding her candle, just praying that she wouldn’t trip over her long robe!  But she did a perfect job lighting the candles, and sitting by Pastor Scott the entire service.  She helped with the offering, and presented the offering plates (last picture), and that’s when I just lost it!  She was so mature and so respectful and did a wonderful job.  I’m just so proud that she is excited to participate and be involved in our church, and everything it has to offer her.

Headspace App

A friend of mine suggested the Headspace App a week or so back for a bit of daily meditation to clear your head and focus your mind.  I thought it was worth a try, since I frequently find myself overwhelmed and with about 100 balls up in the air, ready to crash down at any time!  It’s a free app, and they offer short daily meditations (1-5 minutes).  Everything is prompted for you by a lovely gentleman with a British accent, that you could seriously listen to all day!  I’m on my fourth day now, and feel amazingly calm even after three short minutes of meditation.  It is totally worth a try, and a good resource to have in your back pocket when you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, or angry.  A must for all moms everywhere!!

Oreo O’s

A couple of weeks ago, I was included in the Influencer Oreo O’s Vox Box (Influencer is an organization that I am a member of that sends you bunches of free products to try out in exchange for reviews, feedback, and social media exposure.  TOTALLY check it out!!).  I remm=ember when Oreo O’s first came out in the 90’s, and since all things 90’s are cool again, they are being reintroduced!  And to be honest, I didn’t even get to try them out because the kids stole the box and I never saw it again, haha!  It’s definitely a cereal, but the kids just ate it straight out of the box, no milk needed, just as a snack.  And they have insisted that we get another box (or five) when I go back to the store on Sunday.  So, nice job, folks at Post Cereals!  You have a winner!

De-Cluttering.  For real this time.

I seem to be the queen of starting projects and not following through (though it absolutely drives me crazy).  But I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a few years back, but never finished it.  Thus, never finished (or began?) my quest to declutter six and a half years worth of crap we have accumulated.  Well, I am on a mission to get rid of ALL THIS STUFF that stresses me out everytime I look at it.  So, think I am going to refresh myself on the book, and try to clean out closets and throw away junk, and simplify all the STUFF we have in the house.  I will not be hugging my clothes and thanking each shirt for the joy they have brought me, but I am intent on getting brutal with myself and letting go of some of this stuff!!  Anyone with me??  Does anyone have some tried-and-true methods for decluttering?

And that is that for this Friday!!!  I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

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