Date Night In Box + Weekly Meal Plan

Scott and I are homebodies.  We love a good dinner out once in a while, but most weekends (and weeknights, duh), you can find us on our sofas, half-watching tv and half-on our computers.  Romantic, right? Haha!  So when I came across Date Night In Boxes a few months ago, I thought it sounded like a fun way to shake up our typical evening routine.  And a few weeks ago, we tried one out!

We got our cute little box in the mail, and I was so excited!  Everything we needed for our Date Night In was included in the box.  All we had to do was put on our jammies and open it up (actually, we already had our jammies on, haha. We were ready!).

The Date Night Box comes with a little booklet that explains everything.  It gives a playlist suggestion on Spotify, a dinner recipe suggestion (ours included a homemade pizza recipe that sounded really good, but we didn’t end up making it), and some other great ideas on how to focus on your partner.

First up was a bottle of massage oil and instructions on how to give each other massages!  There were cards describing Swedish, Thai, and Reflexology massage techniques, which was really neat.

The theme of the box was “Loving You with All My Senses,” so in addition to the massage oil and cards, there were other activities that involved our senses.  There was a drawing activity (we skipped it, since we are not artists, but plan to do it with the kids!), and pulled out the fragrance sprays!

We sampled the fragrances included in the box (which were actually the fragrance options for candles that we received a discount for if we’d like to purchase one), but our favorite part was the caramel tasting!

As much as we love food, obviously this was a winner.  There were 5 different flavors- Single Malt Scotch, Dark Roasted Mocha, Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt, Tapped Maple, and Basil Cayenne.  They were each very unique and very flavorful, and my favorite was the Single Malt Scotch!  It really tasted like a sip of scotch within a buttery caramel and without the burn.  The Tapped Maple was really good too, but a bit predictable.  The mocha tasted like bitter coffee, and the rosemary truffle was a bit too rosemary-y (a little goes a long was with me and rosemary).  And the basil cayenne was really good, but WHOA!  The cayenne packed a seriously spicy punch!  No matter, it was really fun trying the caramels, and we enjoyed that experience.

Overall, we really enjoyed our fun Date Night In Box!  It was fun to do something a little different without even having to leave the couch.  I think that one of the best parts about the Date Night In Box is that it would really be great for any couple in any stage of their relationship.  It’s not so intimate that a new couple that’s only had a few dates couldn’t enjoy it, but even Scott and I learned something new about each other after 12 years!  And something even more fun– The Night In Boxes are not limited to date nights!  There are also Faith, Kids, and Moms Night In Boxes.  As the website says, “subscription boxes for your nights in.”  How nice would it be to have a Mom’s Night In box after the kids go to bed if your husband is out of town?!  Or to have some of your girlfriends over and do it all together!


If you’re homebodies like we are, or just need an easy date night in, check it out!  Take a look at, and decide on a one-time night in box, or even a multiple month subscription (ummm, the PERFECT wedding or baby shower gift!).  Date night is still possible!


I’ve had a few friends asking about my Instant Pot lately, and whether or not I like it and really use it a lot.  Y’all.  I got my Instant Pot last Christmas, and I literally haven’t put it away since I pulled it out of the box.  It has a permanent place on my countertop now because I use it almost every single day.  If you’re considering an Instant Pot this holiday season, the question isn’t whether or not to get one, it’s which size to ask for!!  I have a small one (5 or 6 qt, actually not sure which), and it’s great for everyday.  BUT, I do wish I had the 8 qt every once in a while for soups and stews.  I use it almost every single time I make rice, quinoa, or couscous, and have made soups, chili, a chai tea base, hard boiled eggs, corn on the cob, lentils, black eyed peas, black beans, pinto beans, baked potatoes, and so much more!!

And this week, I’ll be making plenty with my Instant Pot too!  Trust me, it is worth the investment!

Monday- Vegan Southern Rice Bowl (Rice, Black Eyed Peas, Collards, Red Onion, Vidalia Onion Relish, and Zucchini Pickles)
Potato and White Bean Soup with Kale and French Bread
Wednesday- Greek Goddess Bowl with Naan (shown above)
ThursdayVegan Shepherd’s Pie
FridayRoasted Vegetable and Quinoa Harvest Bowl 

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