Goat & Lulu Obsession: LipSense

I am a big fan of lipstick. And I have been for years– since I started wearing makeup regularly- like back in 7th grade!  Even throughout college, I worked at the Lancome counter in the Lincoln, Nebraska Von Maur because I loved makeup so much (one of my all-time favorite jobs, by the way)!  I like brights, neutrals, pinks, REDS, corals, berries, and everything in between, and it is extremely unusual to see me without lipstick on.  So naturally, when I started hearing about LipSense, this magical long-wear lipstick, I was instantly intrigued.

I have mentioned a couple of times on Facebook and Instagram that I wear LipSense, and have received several questions about it- if I liked it, what colors I wear, etc., so today I’m sharing a bit about my experience with LipSense (and by the way, I am NOT selling it, but can definitely set you up with a few lovely ladies that do)!  Also, please forgive the awkward selfies, ha!  I am no model. 🙂

My lovely friend Allison hooked me up with a LipSense Lip Kit- which comes with the lip color, gloss, and an oops lip color remover.  In the pictures above, I’m wearing Bella, one of the top selling neutral colors (a very versatile pink-brown).  The thing that I love best is that it REALLY stays in place.  You apply it in three thin layers (the oops remover is if you get the color outside of your lip line and you can quickly swipe and erase it!), letting it dry in between, and then applying the gloss on top (here’s a great video on how to apply it).  A few people have asked me how it feels when you put it on.  Honestly, the first few applications of the color feels SUPER weird– it makes your lips a little tingly and it’s very tacky.  But once you get the gloss on, it feels great!  Just like a regular gloss or creamy lipstick.

And it absolutely does not come off on anything.  I drink coffee all. day. long. but you’d never know that I wear lipstick all day long too because there is no lipstick stain on my mugs!  When my lips feel dry, I reapply the gloss.  The only reapplication of the color might be in the mid-afternoon when I need to reapply to the center of my lips where the color has worn off and/or the corners, but for the most part, the color is still all there.

My dear friend Erin also sells LipSense, and I’ve gotten a few lovely colors from here too (gotta support all my mama friends, right?!).  Several people have also asked me what colors I like and what I have.  Bella is a great, basic, everyday color, but I got Napa from Erin and am obsessed (as worn in the photos above)!  It’s the perfect berry for fall.  The thing about LipSense (and all lipcolor, for that matter) is that each color is going to look a little different on everyone based on your skintone and undertones.  Napa even looks a little different on me, depending on the day!

I am also all about a bright-red lip.  I have Cranberry (shown above), which is sadly discontinued, but Blu-Red is very similar and is a bright, classic red.  Though I love a good neutral and a pretty berry, red lipstick is my favorite to wear.  It gives confidence and brings color and a brightness to your face that other shades just don’t bring.  And with LipSense, you can build the color in thin layers, so it can either be a red stain or a bold opaque red, depending on how you apply the color.

My sweet friend Allison is even offering a special deal for Goat & Lulu readers!!  If you head to her LipSense Facebook page and mention Goat & Lulu in a message to her, she’ll give you 10% off your LipSense order!  Nothing like a little discount to give you a little nudge to try this awesome product!

Give it a try and let me know what colors you get and what you think!  I’m trying to decide what my next color will be!

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