Five on Friday

Hello friends!  I know I say this all the time but WHOOOAAAA, this week has been ridiculous.  But YEAH– we have three kids, three businesses we’re running, on top of friends, family, baseball/softball, OH YEAH I NEED TO CLEAN THE HOUSE AND DO SOME LAUNDRY, church, school, I NEED TO SHOWER AT SOME POINT, and oh yeah, SLEEP!  Haha, no rest for the weary, right?!  Here are five things for this Friday before the three day weekend (cheers to that, amirite??!), and I hope you have a lovely long weekend!!!

Are you ready for some football??!
(Look at these sweet babies from just a few years back! Brantley was 4, Bennett was almost 1, and Grayson was 2)

I am so excited it’s the beginning of football season!!!  Usually we are counting down the days, but this year it’s really snuck up on us!  We are headed up to Blue Ridge tomorrow, to enjoy the long weekend with my parents, my brother and sister in law, and my niece and nephew.  But our first stop will be in Canton, at my brother’s house, to watch the Tigers play at noon!  After the game, the kids and I will head north, but Scott, my brother, and my dad are going to the Alabama vs. Florida State game at the new Falcons Stadium in Atlanta!  My brother always gets the best sports tickets from work, and there’s no question that those three will have one heck of a time!  I am excited to get to the mountains, crack a beverage, and finally take a breath.  We’ve been go-go-going for weeks, and it will be SO NICE to kick back, watch football, hang out with my family and recharge!

The Blackwell Ghost

I am not one for scary movies anymore, but we watched the CREEPIEST true documentary the other night!!  The Blackwell Ghost features this film maker trying to prove that ghosts actually do exist.  The documentary research is actually not going well, until a man in Pennsylvania who claims to live in a haunted house, invites the film maker and his wife to stay in the house while he’s out of town.  OMG THE HOUSE IS LEGIT HAUNTED AND IT IS SO SCARY.  It’s only an hour long, and super duper good.  If you like ghost hunting-type shows, or are not sure if you think ghosts are real or not, it is TOTALLY worth the watch!!

Disney Packing 

T minus 13 days until we leave for the happiest place on earth!  And SHHHHHHHH!!!  It’s still a big surprise for the kids.  But I have been scouring Pinterest for all the ideas, all the outfits (more on that soon!!!), and all the absolute must-haves for what we need to pack!  But I want info straight from reliable sources.  So Disney veterans, what are your must-haves??  Scott and I are both planning on wearing backpacks in the parks, so what should we make sure to have on hand?  What should we leave at home?  Any advice is appreciated!

Curriculum Night at School

Wednesday night, I went to the kids school to learn about the grade-level cirriculum from their teachers.  I already knew how amazing our school was and how we totally hit the lottery with the kids teachers (as always), but Curriculum Night just reinforced it for me.  We started out in Brantley’s third-grade class and then went to her Focus class.  Then we hit Grayson’s first-grade class, and finally Ben’s pre-k class.  The teachers had such wonderful information to share, and just bragged and bragged on the kids and how sweet they are and what “delights” they are to have in class (that NEVER gets old).  After the evening was over, I was BURSTING with pride.  I was so overwhelmingly proud of my kids that it nearly brought me to tears!  And not only that, but I am so proud of our school, and the love and care they put into the students AND the parents.  They are playing such an active role in our childrens education, and I love how excited they are to involve us in the process as well.  I love being involved with the kids school and am SO HAPPY it’s such a positive place to learn!

Falafel and Greek Salad Bowl 

I made the best and easiest dinner the other night!  I bought the frozen falafel from Trader Joe’s, made a batch of quinoa in my Instant Pot (which I just leave on the counter- I use it almost every day!), then diced up some lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and red onion.  I sprinkled on a little feta and mint, added a dollop of homemade hummus (sharing that recipe soon!), and a little drizzle of olive oil and red wine vinegar.  It was so good, hardly took any time at all, was good and healthy, and the kids ate it up!  It will be a repeat, for sure.

And I think that’s about it here!  I hope you have a great Friday, and a wonderful long weekend!!

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