What Excites Your Kids?

Children can be so gloriously unpredictable.  We can spend so much time and money planning a fun surprise or outing for them, only to elicit a lukewarm reception, but they go bananas over a new bottle of bubble bath.  Sometimes the simplest things to us adults totally blow the minds of our kids!  What a lesson for us, right?  The world can seem to be full of unremarkable things to us but are actually so magical through our childrens’ eyes!  Inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs, here are a few things today that my kids just go nuts over these days…

Getting Letters in the Mail
Sitting at Thier Own Table at a Restaurant
Using the Computer at Home
Chewing Gum
Seeing Police Officers in Person
The Braves
Homemade Salsa
Eating Outside
Cats in Our Yard
Muddy Puddles
Stories About Themselves as Babies

Anything that you might just overlook in a normal day but your kids find incredible?

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