Solar Eclipse 2017

We had such a fun afternoon watching the eclipse as a family yesterday!  I checked the kids out of school after Brantley was so sweet and said she wanted to watch the eclipse with her brother and sister.  So we had a little eclipse party in our driveway!

We headed outside at about 2:00, knowing that it was going to peak about 2:37.  We spread out a quilt, got out our eclipse-themed snacks, and alternated back and forth on the quilt snacking, and hopping up to look at the sun!

We snacked on Sun Chips, Starburst and Cosmic Brownies, and washed it all down with a little Sunny D!  The kids loved the special snacks, and honestly, they probably liked the snacks more than they liked the eclipse, ha!

The kids got their glasses from school, but I actually didn’t have a pair of glasses until we were in the driveway!  I was going to go the old shoe box route, but our sweet neighbors across the street had an extra pair that they let me use.  And YES, I fixed Ben’s glasses when he looked at the sun, haha!

One of my favorite parts were the pretty crescent-shaped shadows from the trees in our yard!  I was also amazed at how much light just a  sliver of the sun really puts off!  The light was so eery, even though it didn’t really get dark at our house.  I think Brantley was a little disappointed it wasn’t darker!

I am just really glad I made the (very) last-minute decision to take the kids out of school so we could experience the eclipse together.  I am not typically a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of mom, but it was totally worth it today.  And if you asked me a few days ago, I wouldn’t have cared if I saw the eclipse or not.  But today, I’m so glad I did, since it was mostly through the eyes of my children.  And a pair of paper glasses.


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