Hello Tuesday + Weekly Meal Plan

Greetings, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We spent ours at the ballfield all day Saturday, then in church and at Trader Joe’s on Sunday!  A little bit of relaxing, and a little bit of preparing for the upcoming (busy) week, and then a doozy of a Monday.  I’m happy that this is the kids first FULL week of school (we started on Wednesday last week), and I got up early yesterday morning to get the week’s worth of lunches made, dishes washed, and breakfast prepared, all before the kiddos got up.  It was a good start to the week, especially since the likelihood of me getting up early decreases substantially as the week goes on, haha!

Anyway, here are a few things I’m saying hello to on this quiet August Tuesday (a day behind since, like I said, yesterday was a doozy!)…

Hello, sandwich assembly line.  I made all 15 lunches for the kids Monday morning, which will save me a ridiculous amount of time the rest of the week.  I thank myself every Tuesday through Friday for getting this done early (and curse myself the weeks I don’t!).

Hello to the cutest pair of fringy red summer sandals!  Though they kind of remind me of Elmo (haha!), I love these cute sandals with the ankle ties.  Not giving up fringe and tassels anytime soon (as you’ll see below)!

Hello sweet kids playing together before church on Sunday.  And Hello Ben’s new bedroom rug!  His floor doesn’t look like a muddy dog rolled around on it anymore, ha!

Hello cool (but humid!) mornings!  I know better than to think that fall is upon us and we won’t get slammed with another heat wave (or 5) before fall really is here, but this little preview suuuuuuuure is nice.

Hello Five-Minute Magic Green Sauce from Pinch of Yum.  I made this delicious concoction Sunday night, when I was wanting an alternative to our favorite hummus and guacamole that we’ve been snacking on lately.  This Magic Green Sauce is almost a guac-hummus-pesto hybrid, since it’s comprised of avocado, lime, jalapeno, and cilantro, and also pistachios, garlic, and parsley, and just a few more ingredients.  You throw everything into the food processor and you’re done!  It would be delicious on chicken or fish, but also yummy as a dip with veggies, pita crackers, and/or tortilla chips.  SO good, so healthy, and SO EASY!

Hello pretty tassel necklace!  LIke I said, I’m not giving up tassels, fringe, or bright colorful jewelry quite yet, and I might just wear them all well into fall!  This multi-color tassel necklace has been on repeat lately, and the best thing?  It’s less than $4!!  Buy one for yourself and everyone you know!

Hello perfect Bible verses for going through hard times.  I had been SO GOOD about reading my Bible every day until summer hit.  But now that the kids are back in school, I am getting back in the habit!  It’s amazing how just the right verse finds you JUST when you need it.

Hello delicious Waffle House breakfast.  I did my best- no eggs, no meat, but I’m prrrrrrrretty sure Waffle House doesn’t use vegan bread and butter, haha!

Hello sweet goats and cows on a farm we like to drive by, to and from our house.  It was especially pretty after baseball practive the other day!


And hello more delicious meat-free, dairy-free (almost), egg-free (almost) meals!  We had a few keepers from last week, and hope to add a few new ones to our regular rotation this week.  Here’s what we’re eating:

Sunday- Black Eyed Peas in the Instant Pot, Sauteed Cabbage, Roasted Okra, Sliced Tomatoes, and Cornbread (had this Sunday- see above!  It was delicious, and so satisfying)
Monday- Tofu Drunken Noodles (FYI- no alcohol is included in the recipe! Had this last night and it was good, but the Udon Noodle and Veggie Stir Fry from last week was better)
Tuesday- Meatless Italian Sausage with Sauteed Onions and Peppers and Roasted Potatoes (I’ll let you know how this one goes– not sure about the meatless sausage, but we’re giving it a try!)
Wednesday- Quinoa, Brussels Sprouts, and Kale Hash with Roasted Beets and Sweet Potatoes
Thursday- Trader Joe’s Black Bean Burgers (they are so good!) and French Fries
Friday- Tofu Taco Bowls with Mexican Rice, Corn, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, and Pickled Jalapenos

I hope you have had a great start to the week and it only gets better!


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