Friday Randoms

Hello Friends!  OMG— we have had one heck of a week.  Monday-eclipse.  Tuesday- Gracie’s first softball game.  Wednesday- all day work event, Scott’s birthday, and church.  Thursday- THREE ball games, and finally, FRIDAY.  THANKFULLY we have nothing scheduled this evening- so the only thing we’ll be doing is parking ourselves on the sofa and getting some rest before it all starts back up again tomorrow!  We have to be at the ball fields at 8 am for Ben’s team pictures, he has a game at 9, then Brantley has a game across town at 10:30, then Grayson has pictures back in Loganville at 11:20.  At least we’ll be done early afternoon, but I mean, no rest for the weary, right?!

Anyway, since this week has been pretty crazy and I can hardly form a complete thought, I thought I’d just share a few randoms on this lovely Friday.

  • The practice and game schedules are grueling, but the kids are loving ball season!  They all just had their first games of the season this week, and they are doing really well.  They are all learning and improving and we are so proud that they get out there and play so hard.  It makes nighttime routines a little tricky (we prefer early bedtimes round these parts), but at least once they go to bed, they are worn out and fall right to sleep!  Being at the ball field is a lot of fun, and it brings back a lot of fond childhood memories.  Now we get to make our own with Brantley, Gracie, and Ben!


  • Anyone excited about the Game of Thrones mid-season finale on Sunday??  I love how so many storylines are coming together this season,  and every episode is super tense.  I read that Sunday’s episode is supposed to be the longest one ever (79 minutes, I think), or, as someone tweeted and I can totally relate, 79 minutes of pure anxiety.  PS- if you’re a huge GOT nerd (*hand raised*), you need to read all the GOT articles on Buzzfeed- SO FUNNY.  Here’s the link for your convenience— you’re welcome.

  • We’ve been lucking out with the recipes lately!  I LOVED this Asian Noodle Salad that I made on Thursday night.  It’s a Pioneer Woman recipe, with very little actual cooking (just boil the noodles!), but there is a TON of chopping/prepping.  But Amanda from Dixie Delights has a few great shortcuts that make it a bit easier and quicker to fix.  We ate it without meat, but it would be really good with grilled or rotisserie chicken too!  Perfect for a light dinner or lunch.

  • SO EXCITED to get these bad boys in the mail this past week!!  We have been planning a family trip to Disney for a YEAR now, and it’s finally (almost) here.  And, it’s a HUGE surprise for the kids!!!  They don’t know we’re going and I’m about to burst.  We have a big clay jar in our kitchen that we refer to as our “Disney Jar.”  We’ve thrown in our spare change and extra dollars, and the kids have even added in their chore money and extra birthday money, saving for a family Disney vacation.  We’ve told them recently that we’re getting closer to saving enough, but are still about a year or two away from having enough for our trip, so I CANNOT WAIT to see their faces in just a few weeks when we tell them that they have saved enough, and we’re heading to DISNEY!  Dying.


  • Have y’all heard of Night In Boxes?  It’s this great monthly subscription service for homebodies (like us!), with a box full of everything you need for a fun night in once a month!  The lovely folks at Night In Boxes sent me a Date Night Box to try out, and so Scott and I are going to have a fun date night in this weekend!!  I’ll share all the details next week and what we thought of it!

So, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to relax or enjoy the sunshine, or recharge, or sleep or do whatever your heart desires.  See you next week!



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