August Favorites + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend– didn’t it just fly by??  Sadly, my Ben started running a fever again on Friday night, and then threw up early Sunday morning, and then again right before we were to head to church (the girls and I still went since we had a few obligations, but Scott stayed home to take care of Ben).  But we still made the most of it, played a little ball, relaxed, got about 237 loads of laundry done (none of it put away though, ha!), and then I watched the GOT finale (!!!!!!!!).  Not so shabby.

So today I’m sharing my August Favorites!  This is the third month I’ve summarized six of my favorite things that I’ve eaten, drank, watched, worn, or experienced from the month, and August was no slouch.  Check it out:

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta- A basic tomato sauce is typically my go-to for pasta, but not anymore.  I made this Roasted Red Pepper Pasta a few weeks back, and it is delicious!!  So creamy and flavorful, and YEP, it’s vegan.  But I promise you will love it no matter what your diet!  We ate it with regular spaghetti, but it would be good over any pasta, or with ravioli, or even zucchini noodles.  Definitely worth trying!

Wal Mart’s $4 Tassel Earrings- If you saw my What I Wore post a few weeks back, then you caught a glimpse of my obsession with the amazing, colorful tassel earrings that Wal Mart has right now!  AND THEY ARE ALL ONLY $4!!  Definitely my favorite accessories at the moment.

Red Gingham Tiered Dress- I received so many compliments on this red and white gingham tiered dress when I wore it a few weeks ago.  The silhouette is perfect as we transition to fall- cute with wedges now, and jeans and boots later!

Watching the Kids Play Ball- Time-consuming and exhausting?  Yes.  Adding complicated logistics to our already busy lives?  Absolutely.  But I wouldn’t trade anything for the afternoons and evenings that we’ve watched the kids play baseball and softball this month.  They are learning to be team players (literally and figuratively), growing, improving, and working hard, and it’s ended up being great family time and one of my favorite things we’ve done all month.

Big Little Lies- HAVE Y’ALL WATCHED THIS SHOW??  If not, sign up for a free week of HBO and watch it.  You won’t even need to fully subscribe, because if you’re like me, you’ll finish the first season in about 2 1/2 days.  The cast is amazing, the storyline is enthralling, and it will keep you guessing the entire time.  So good.

Watching the Eclipse- If you had told me last month that watching the eclipse was going to be one of my favorite memories of August, I wouldn’t have believed you!  I wasn’t really interested (at all) until the day of, and the kids wanted to have a little party.  So we did, and it was so much fun to share that with them.


We keep hitting home runs with recipes and had several more delicious plant-based recipes this past week (Saturday night’s dinner shown above– stewed tomatoes and okra over rice, sauteed squash, and kale)! We cheated on Scott’s birthday (#steaks), but otherwise stuck to our meat-free meal plan.  We have some more new fun things to try this week- and this is what we’ll be eating:

Monday- Falafel and Quinoa Greek Salad Bowl
Tuesday- Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup with Cornbread
Wednesday- Vegan Hot Dogs and French Fries (sounds gross, I know, but they really are pretty good!)
Thursday- Crispy Potato Tacos with Mexican Street Corn-Style Grilled Zucchini
Friday- Black Pepper Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice and Vegetable Dumplings

Hope you have a great start to your week.  Happy Monday!

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