What Podcasts are You Listening To?

Great part about working from home: Pretty much everything.  Flexibility, working in pjs (if so inclined), lunch with the kiddos, etc.

Not so great part about working from home: It can get sooooooooo quiet sometimes that the silence itself is almost distracting!  And then PODCASTS entered into my life.

Maybe I was a bit late on the podcast bandwagon, being a millennial and all (let me first just explain that I am a very old millennial, in fact almost as old as you can get and still be a millennial, so all stereotypes do not apply), but I have been obsessed for a while now.  They’re perfect to have on in the background while I’m plugging away at my social media marketing work, but don’t want a serious distraction (I’m looking at you, Netflix).

So, what I am listening to, you ask?  I am a big true crime fan, so several of the podcasts I listen to lean in that direction.  Serial, Seasons 1 &2 are awesome.  I also loved In the Dark, about the Jacob Wetterling child abduction case.  I finished S-Town at the beginning of the summer, and it was awesome- it lived up to the hype.  I also like Lore, which offers shorter episodes (about 20 minutes or so) about spooky tales and legends that may or may not be true. I have also listened to My Favorite Murder, but it’s just kinda so-so to me.  I typically like plot-driven podcasts, that follow a single storyline over the course of the season (though I do love the kind of 60 Minutes of food podcasts, The Splendid Table), but am definitely up for something new, or any recommendations you might have to give.

So, what podcasts are you listening to?  I would also love to listen to anything related to motherhood, goal setting, entrepreneurship, faith, positivity, crafting, and support (I’ve heard Gretchen Rubin’s Happier is really good), but I am really up for anything!  Share your favorites!

((And PS- If you’re into Supply Chain, perhaps listen to the podcast Supply Chain Now Radio, which features somebody that you might recognize!))

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