Independence Day Recap

Like most Americans, we are very proud of our country, and love the Fourth of July! We had a pretty big Fourth this year– we packed about all we possibly could into the day with the kiddos.  Here’s a little recap of our day if you’d like to see…

Our big plans for the day were to go to the Minor League Gwinnett Braves game, since Ben’s favorite player, Freddie Freeman, was at Gwinnett rehabbing his hurt hand.  We thought it would be fun (and closer than Atlanta, ha!), and a good opportunity to see Freddie up close!  We had the whole day to kill before the game, though, so we headed to the Mall of Georgia to eat some lunch, ride the carousel, and why not!  See a movie!

We were at the mall a few weeks ago, and we were in line to ride the carousel when they closed for the afternoon- like literally shut the gate in the kids’ faces.  So this definitely made up for that!  We got to the movie a little early, so we played a bit in the arcade.  Grayson on the motorcycle!!

The girls were pretty excited about Wonder Woman!

We saw Despicable Me 3 and it was cute!  The kids loved it, and Scott and I even laughed a few times too.  Great movie for the family.  And it was in 3D.  Super cool!

It was in the movie when Scott was checking Facebook and I was checking Instagram, that we saw that Freddie Freeman had been called up to Atlanta. And we were going to have to crush the dreams of our four-year-old boy when we had to tell him that we wouldn’t be seeing his baseball idol.  Seeing Freddie Freeman was the whole reason we were going to the Gwinnett Braves, so we decided to call an audible and adjust our plans!  We got on our phones and ordered the only Braves tickets that were still available- Standing Room Only- and headed to Atlanta!  Everyone was happy and even more excited that we were going to the real Braves stadium!

First stop was to find some food when we got in the stadium!  We got the standards- hamburgers and hotdogs (though the tacos and nachos I kept seeing looked SO GOOD), and Ben ate an entire double cheeseburger himself!  Scott said he nearly couldn’t finish his, so Ben must’ve been hungry!  The bad thing about Standing Room Only tickets, is that, well, you don’t have a seat, which can be a bit tricky when it’s raining and you’re trying to eat with your three kids.  But they were troopers and were really so, so good the whole time.

After we ate, we waited for the rain to let up, and walked around the stadium.  We even got interviewed for the fan feature segment that they showed on the big screen in the 6th inning!

Once it quit raining, it was so nice!  The rain cooled everything off and it was at least 10 degrees cooler than it would’ve been.  It really made for a great night.

The kids ate their weight in roasted peanuts and cotton candy as we watched the game.

We left in the 6th inning (the Braves were getting smoked and it was already 10:00), and even got to watch fireworks all across town as we drove home (which is actually perfect for my kids who are still a little frightened by fireworks).

We were all worn-slap-out from the day, but what a day!  We had so much fun in our patriotic gear, as we celebrated our country and all the freedoms and liberties it provides.  We are blessed to live in our great nation, and loved all the great tributes to our country and our military at the baseball game.  This was a Fourth of July for the books and will be hard to top!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  We’ll be hitting up the Farmer’s Market tomorrow (the almost meat-free diet is going AWESOME so far- more on that next week!), and then Sunday, the kids are heading to camp at Bammy and PaDaddy’s house for the week!  WOO HOO!!  They are SOOOO excited (and Scott and I are too)!!  And Scott and I will actually be heading to Greenville for the night and will get to enjoy a fun dinner out!  Whatever your plans, I hope you enjoy your summer weekend, and see you next week!




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