A Change in Our Diet + Weekly Meal Plan

meal plan

Hello, my friends!  And Happy Independence Day weekend!  We had a jam-packed weekend, are doing a bit of work today (SO MANY fun, new things going on with Magnolia Marketing Group!), and then we’re doing some more celebrating tomorrow!

Over the weekend, we watched a few documentaries that made a pretty major impact on us and how we eat.  What the Health and Forks Over Knives (both on Netflix) both examine how a whole food, plant-based diet is much better for us and can prevent so many diseases that seem so prevalent in America today.  Now, we’re not going all out vegan by any means, but those documentaries got us thinking and considering cutting a lot of animal products and processed foods from our diets.  We have been eating more and more meatless dinners (cheaper!) anyway, so we’re going to be cutting back even further.  Instead of 2-3 meatless dinners a week, we are planning on only eating 1-2 dinners with meat each week, with one of those meals being fish.  We will still incorporate a little cheese too (We’re not totally crazy), but switching the kids over to almond milk and limiting our dairy intake.

So far, it’s great!  Scott mentioned that he can already tell a difference in the way he feels, and the kids don’t notice a change at all.  And the recipes are plentiful- I had no problem at all planning out our meals for this week and I have a whole list of other ideas I want to try.  It helps that we are vegetable lovers, and have a small obsession with fresh produce at our local farmer’s markets (we went to three different ones last week!).  And like I said- we’re not dropping meat cold-turkey here, as you’ll see below, we’re definitely going to eat hotdogs at the baseball game tomorrow, and we have tons of pulled pork on our fridge from a Boston Butt we roasted last week.  We’ll be finishing that off this week, though, and will limit our meat going forward.  Special dinners out, holidays, and things like that will be exceptions (and the occasional ice cream :)), but I’m hoping this will be a lifestyle change that we can stick with in an effort to keep our bodies healthy the easiest way we can- by being careful about what we put into it!

So here’s what we’ll be eating this week.  We had the black bean burgers last night, and they were delicious!

Sunday- Pioneer Woman Black Bean Burgers and French Fries
Monday- Vegetable Fried Rice and Sauteed Shishito Peppers
Tuesday- Hot Dogs at the Gwinnett Braves Game on Independence Day!
Wednesday- Pattypan Squash Fritters with Corn and Sliced Tomatoes
Thursday- Pork Enchiladas
Friday- Posole and Corn Muffins

If you have cut out meat and other processed foods and/or animal products, let me know how it’s going!  I am always up for new recipes and new ideas, so feel free to pass them along to me!

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