White Ruffle Dress + 10 MORE Dresses Under $50

As I take an early summer look through my closet to decide on a few things that I’d like to add to my shopping list, I have come to one conclusion- MORE DRESSES!  And a White Ruffle Dress, a Red Dress with Sleeves, and a Romantic Floral Dress are topping my list.  Six out of the seven days every week, I am in a dress over shorts when it gets warm out, so the more dresses, the better!  And thankfully, there are SO MANY adorable dresses available this season.  Here are ten MORE options (in addition to these ten I posted a few weeks back!), and all are under $50!

White, check.  Ruffles, check.  Cold-shoulder, bonus!  This gauzy white cold shoulder ruffle dress is so cute and summery, and I can hardly imagine an event this summer where I wouldn’t want to wear it.

I just LOVE the retro look of this red lace ruffle dress.  The lace cutouts would make it cool enough, even in our hot Georgia summers, and I’m a sucker for the sweet ruffle detail across the chest.  Pretty for a fancy night out– maybe our anniversary coming up?!

Big breezy sleeves, embroidery AND tassel ties??  Pretty much my boho dream dress.

I simply cannot resist a blue and white striped dress with embroidery!  CAN. NOT. I love this striped cold shoulder dress with this beautiful, bright red embroidery.  Perfect for the fourth!

This lemon print dress is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  So bright and summery!  Would be really cute for church or fun lunch date out.  Plus, yellow is my favorite color, so I need a lemon dress, right?

As you may already know, I am a sucker for gingham dresses, and this short-sleeved ruffled mini dress is TOO CUTE.

I love a pretty shift dress, and this Lilly-inspired one from Mudpie is the perfect summer dress.  And it’s on sale!

How cute and casual is this little lace up chambray number!  All you need are a pair of flip flops or slides, and you are good to go for the day.  That’s what I love dresses so much!  You only have to pick one item out from your closet and your outfit is done (shoes don’t count- they’re easy in the summer)!

There are so many things I like about this romantic floral dress– the off the shoulder style, the smocking, the maxi/midi length, the faux-wrap across the front, the dusty rose color, and the large cabbage-rose print!  Oh, and it’s under $25??  I don’t mind that either!

And last but not least, one more white ruffle dress to round out the bunch.  But this one is a little different- this dress features almost a polka-dotted white overlay with a ruffled hem that I think has such a modest yet modern look about it.  This would be so pretty for a christening or baptism, or a wedding or baby shower!  I’m not planning on attending any of those this summer (haha!), but I still think it would be such a pretty dressy option!

So which are your favorites??  Any dresses you’re adding to your closet this month?

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