Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  And WHEW, what a weekend!  The kids were gone to Aiken visiting Nana and Pop and all their Luton cousins Thursday through Sunday, but we had so much going on, I stayed so busy!  Here’s a peek at what we did:

I took the kids to meet my in-laws Thursday afternoon, and Scott headed out of town for a Friday work event.  I was totally on my own for the night!!  So I did a little solo shopping, hit the grocery store, came home and fixed a little dinner for myself.  We already had some tilapia filets, so I just grabbed a bag of fresh veggie stir-fry mix (it had fresh kale, shaved brussels sprouts, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and purple cabbage and a teriyaki sauce) and sauteed that, then added the fish in at the very end to cook it through.  And it was delicious!  SO simple and quick, and inexpensive.  I plan on making it again this week!

After dinner, I was excited to work on a new sewing pattern that I’m testing!  I’ll share all about it when I’m done, but it’s a dress, and I LOVE the first draft I made (my “muslin” if you aren’t familiar with sewing verbiage), and can’t WAIT to make my final version with some pretty fabric!

Friday morning, I went ahead and got up and got some work done, and headed out for a meeting with a client that lasted pretty much all afternoon.  Afterwards, I headed out the Chamblee to meet Scott and some of our friends for a cool dinner out!  Our friends are total foodies and eat out FAR more than we do, so we always leave it up to them to pick a good place to eat.  And Friday didn’t disappoint!

We went to Food Terminal right on Buford Highway in Chamblee.  If you’re not familiar with Atlanta, Buford Highway is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and food to say the least, and you can always count on some authentic cultural cuisine no matter which direction you look.  Food Terminal was Malaysian Cuisine- so lots of noodles, rice, ramen, dumplings, vegetables, etc., which we are all about!  We started out with Chinese Broccoli (more like bok choy), Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, and Cumin Beef Skewers.  And it was all delicious.

Then I got the BBQ Pork Noodle Bowl, which was fantastic.  The noodles were so flavorful and I ate the whole thing.  We also got an order of Sambal Okra, and Scott got a Szechuan Beef Ramen Bowl which looked amazing.

After dinner we headed home and then Saturday Scott was up and off again!  He played in a golf tournament with my Dad and brother, and I was on my own again!  For all the time I had to myself over the weekend, you’d think I’d have gotten more done, but I just don’t feel like I accomplished even half the things I planned on.  I did some things around the house before I went out running errands for Brantley’s birthday, and then headed out to pick up the kids.  We got home. made some dinner, and those kids were so worn out, they hit the hay pretty early!  I made another super easy dinner- a bag of Taylor Farms Chopped Southwestern Salad mix, and topped it with black beans, guacamole, and a few tortilla chips.  And it was SO GOOD.  Very filling and all I needed for dinner.

On Sunday morning, Brantley woke me up at daybreak because it was her birthday!  The big 8 and she was so excited!!  So we got up, she opened her presents from us, and the birthday traditions began.  She chose her special birthday breakfast- pancakes with sprinkles and syrup, and we ran up to the store to get supplies to make our own pizzas at lunchtime!  After Daddy got home from the golf tournament and the pizzas were eaten, all Brantley wanted to do was go shopping with me and spend her birthday money, so that’s exactly what we did!

Brantley wanted to go to Target since “there are cute clothes AND Shopkins,” so that’s where we went.  We grabbed a couple of lemonades and got to shoppinng!  And I about died when she pulled a notebook out of her purse with a list of exactly what she wanted to spend her birthday money on.  Y’all, she is SOOOO my child.

After she shopped her little heart out, we headed home to start on dinner.  The birthday kid gets to choose all the meals for the day on their special day, and I make a homemade birthday cake of their choice.  Brantley went back and forth between pizza, Chili’s, or steak for dinner, and ultimately chose steak, butter beans, and corn.  And she wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake for her birthday cake, which was SO FUN to make!  I’ll share how to make it (SO EASY!) on the blog tomorrow.

I think the birthday princess had a pretty big day, and it was fun celebrating our first born in her own special way.  It’s also so hard to believe that Scott and I have been parents for eight years!!  In some ways it feels like we’ve been parents FOREVER, and in other ways I look at our kids and think, “how in the world do we have THREE CHILDREN and how did we get here?” Haha!  But they are each so amazing, and unique, and beautiful, and special, and I love celebrating them each on their birthdays and letting them know how special they are to us and to our family.


And I know I have been slacking on the weekly meal plans since summer started (and maybe a few weeks prior), but our schedules have varied so much, and we’ve been in town and out, and having events and dinners out, that I haven’t done much meal planning!  But as soon as I get back to it, I’ll make sure to share my meal plans here again.  But for now, you’re not missing out on much, ha.  It’s a lot like an episode of Chopped here every night, just trying to make dinners out of what we have in the pantry!

I hope you have a great Monday and a great start to your week!

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