Summer Bucket List

Happy Friday, friends!  We have one week of summer in the books (that went by fast), and so far so good!  Of course we started it off right, and we had a few lazy days this week which have been so nice.  I don’t have any big plans of packing this summer FULL of activities and schedules every single day, running from here to there, just as busy as we are during the school year.  My own children have taught me that they need plenty of down time to just PLAY and relax and be kids, and so I am more than happy to oblige. A few years ago, I asked Brantley what her favorite part of the summer was, after I had stressed myself out, week after week, filling our days with fun activities and outings, and she said, “staying at home and playing with my brother and sister.” LESSON. LEARNED. So now, I create a Summer Bucket List each year as a guideline, not as a rule, to give us a few ideas of fun things to do during the summer.  And here’s our list this year!

I think you can probably read through the poster, so no need to list each of the items on the list!  But most items are easily attainable on any random day of the week.  And the kids were thrilled about each and every item on the list!  AND WE EVEN ALREADY HAVE FOUR CHECKED OFF!

 This summer will be a stress-free, memory-making, jammie-wearing, laid-back, easy-going, movie-watching, fun-having, book-reading, pool-swimming, road-trippin’, vegetable-planting, ice cream-eating, popsicle-eating, bike-riding, game-playing, Jesus-worshiping, bird-feeding, lemonade-making, pie-baking, picnic-eating, crafting, sewing, laser-show-watching kind of summer for the Lutons.  What are your summer plans??

I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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