Meal Plan Monday

Hello, Friends!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I had a SUPER busy end to last week but had a lovely, laid-back weekend.  We headed out to our local farmer’s market on Saturday, just to be rained out (boo), we ate a mediocre lunch at one of our previously favorite places (we’ll try again!), and then we went to a new little farm stand near our house and got bad corn.  BAD CORN!  Who even knew there was such a thing!  But Sunday made up for it, we went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market on Sunday and REALLY hit the jackpot with delicious fresh veggies, fish, spices, and cookies. 🙂  It’s hard to beat the variety they have– you can get ANYTHING there.  And they have great coffee!  Bonus!  I finished up the day cleaning Ben’s room (I am bound and determined to keep it clean and FINALLY finish decorating it so we have at least one room that is complete), finishing another fun pattern test (more on that later!), and cooking a fresh and healthy dinner with a peach and tomato salad I didn’t expect anyone to like, but everyone ended up LOVING!  What a way to round out the weekend!

ANYWAY– I have finally got it together and made a meal plan for the week!  I have been majorly slacking with our meal plans this summer, mainly because we are not on much of a schedule and have much more flexibility.  But I miss the plan!!  It keeps us from going to the store every single day and I know exactly what we’re having for dinner each night.  SO…thanks to all the yummies we picked up from the farmer’s market yesterday, here’s what we’re eating for dinner this week:

Monday: Ham, Green Beans, and Mac & Cheese
Tuesday: Potsticker Noodle Bowl 
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Legs, Corn on the Cob, and Broccoli
Thursday: Blackened Salmon and Kale Rice Bowl (shown above)
Friday: BBQ Chicken Salad

What are your favorite summer recipes?  I need some new ideas!

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