Happy Friday from Nashville!

Happy Friday, friends, and Greetings from Nashville!  Scott has a work conference here in the Music City this weekend, and the kids and I were really excited to tag along.  We got into town yesterday afternoon, and wasted no time in hitting up a barbeque joint, then walked around the city a bit, and took over the hotel pool!  The kids were most excited about just staying at the hotel!  Only Brantley has ever stayed in a hotel with us before (we always stay in houses when we go to the beach, which have been our only vacations outside of staying with family that we’ve brought the kids on!), and Ben and Gracie think the hotel bed is “the best bed ever.”  They’re easy to please, ha!

Scott will be working all day tomorrow, so after I get a bit of work done first thing in the morning, the kids and I are going to head to a local arts center with a great kids program, grab some lunch, do a bit more swimming (Brantley is THISCLOSE to finally swimming on her own!!!), and then we’ll have dinner on our own too.  Scott will also be working all day Saturday, so if anyone knows of some great kid-friendly activities we can try out here in Nashville, I’m all ears!  We are right downtown and we have a free shuttle service that will taxi us around which is so nice!  We’ll be heading home on Sunday, but I’ll give a full recap of our trip here on the blog next week.

So, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!  And Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!  I’m so, so blessed to have such an amazing Dad who has always been my biggest cheerleader, my voice of reason, and one of my biggest inspirations.  Dad, I hope you have an awesome Father’s Day, we love you SO much, and I wish we could spend it with you!  A Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Father in Law as well, we love you, Pop!  And also to my brother, such a wonderful dad to my niece and nephew!  And of course, a wonderful Father’s Day to the Dad I partner with in parenthood on a daily basis.  Scott, you are such a strong leader in our family and are teaching our kids to be independent, smart, thoughtful, giving, caring, creative, and confident.  They simply adore you, and for good reason.  You are an incredible father, and we love you dearly.  Happy Father’s Day to all my friends and family, and the strong male role models I know.  Moms get a lot of credit in raising kids (and rightly so!), but the role of a father is irreplaceable and immeasurable in the life of their children!  So three cheers for all the great dads and I hope you ALL have a great weekend!

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