Friday Randoms + Yellow Mini Dress

WHEW, what a week!  I could hardly put a complete thought together for a post today, so instead it’s a bunch of randoms- what we’ve been doing, our weekend plans, a cute yellow mini dress and a yellow lace dress, and a few other thoughts for today.  Follow along, if you’d like!

  • Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the amazing response to my post on Tuesday.  It has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and viewed by nearly 50,000 people at last check.  And while the numbers are amazing, what matters to me is that people are reading my account and learning from my experience.  It is so important that we share these experiences and speak out and stand up for ourselves so that others can be made aware and empowered to protect ourselves and our children!  What also chills me to the bone is how many of my friends, acquaintances, and people I’ve never even met have messaged me or commented on Facebook or my blog with their own stories of being followed, threatened, or intimidated while out with their children.  And the more we share our stories, the more our voices are heard, and the more likely that some much-needed attention will be drawn to this issue in our communities.

  • The kids and I headed to our favorite library out on Tuesday and signed up for their Summer Reading Program!  After they each read 10 books, they get a free book and a prize.  When they hit 20 and 30 more books read, they get more prizes.  I have learned this week that if I need to motivate my kids to do anything, just promise a prize after the task is complete!  So one more item marked off the Summer Bucket List, and we are continuing our reading and learning over the summer!


  • We’ve been watching some amazing TV lately!  We watched the 5th season of House of Cards, which was awesome as always.  BUT, *****SPOILER ALERT***** one of my favorite characters dies this season!  So sad and I was not expecting it– I audibly gasped and threw my hand over my mouth when it happened!  And all I have to say, *****ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT***** is that Claire is COLLLLLLLD.  We also watched the third and final season of Bloodline…and were pretty disappointed!  The first two were SO GOOD, but this one just seemed like they were trying too hard to tie up everything since it was the last season.  But I still had questions, and the last few episodes were totally confusing.  Bad ending for such a great show!  Now I’m almost through the 2nd season of The Path on Hulu, which is AWESOME.  It’s about a religious cult and all its drama, and it’s soooooo good.  Aaron Paul (who played Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad) is my faaaaaaave.  I also binged Master of None on Netflix in just a few days, which is another awesome show, starring and written by Aziz Ansari.  Much lighter than the typical dark true crime stuff I usually gravitate towards, so it’s a great mood-lifter in between dark drama episodes.  I started The Keepers on Netflix too, and as soon as I’m done with The Path, I’m going to finish it up.  But there’s only so much I can take about child-molesting priests.  But it is an incredible story, and definitely worth watching.


  • Do you shop online?  Are using Ebates?  If you’re not, you’re missing out on FREE MONEY every time you shop online!!  Ebates pays you a percentage of your total online sale right back to you.  I’ve earned back over $200 since Christmas, and use it every. single. time. I make a purchase online!  Check it out here.


  • How cute is this embroidered yellow mini dress and this yellow lace dress too?!  I love the color for the summertime and the cold shoulder styles!  Also, Zaful, one of my favorite online boutiques, is having a Three-Year Anniversary Giveaway!  I have checked out the details on their blog, and you can check it out too and enter to win here!  And when you enter the giveaway, make sure to tag me- amanda@goat&lulu, and we can both win fab prizes!


  • If you follow my Instastories, you may know that Scott and I did a three-day juice fast earlier this week.  We wanted to kind of detox and “cleanse” our bodies to jump start some better, healthier eating for the summer.  And man, did it work!  We drank 6 Arden’s Garden all-natural cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices each day, and we did start each day with a smoothie, still all fruit and vegetables.  The juices were all really good except for 2 that we just had to chug down, and since we were drinking SO MUCH during the day, I truly never got hungry.  But did I still WANT to eat?  You bet.  But it really made me realize how often I eat just because I want to, not really because I”m actually hungry.  We’ll probably do the juice fast again from time to time.  And I’ll definitely do it the next time I need to drop a quick five pounds to fit into a dress or something- it was great for reducing bloat and dropping some water weight!

And I think that’s it for me today!  The kids are in Aiken for a super fun Nana & Pop and cousins weekend, and Scott and I are headed out to dinner tonight!  We have some friends that are way more in the Atlanta restaurant loop than we are nowadays, and so they’re picking the spot and we can’t wait.  But I AM excited to see those little monkeys tomorrow afternoon, and celebrate Brantley’s actual birthday on Sunday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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