(Short) Weekend Recap + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello, Friends!  Last week was a killer, and this week isn’t going to be much easier.  I’m so glad that business is keeping me super busy, but on top of Easter, Teacher Appreciation Week 1 and now week 2, full weekend after full weekend, after full weekend, I am worn out!  So forgive me for short and sweet posts, but I just cannot cram everything into the 24 hours a day we are given right now!

We had a fun weekend with Ben’s baseball game Friday night, and then riding in our church’s float for the Grayson Day Parade on Saturday.  He hustled home, ate some lunch and rested a minute (or I did, at least!), and were back out for the girls’ soccer games.  What a day!  We relaxed Saturday night, went to church on Sunday morning, and I attempted to straighten up the house Sunday afternoon, do laundry, and helped Scott wash the dogs and clean out their kennels (UGH).  Writing this all out, it doesn’t sound like we did a lot, but I hardly had a moment to catch my breath!  The next few weeks, until the kids get out of school, are just going to be crazy.  But the light at the end of the tunnel– school is out May 26th!!  The countdown has begun!


And if I can hardly get a blog post written, you ought to know that my weekly meal plan is kind of fallen by the wayside too.  I am trying to eat healthy since I’m going to the beach in just a few weeks for my birthday (!!!), but as busy as we are, trying to make hquick and easy  AND healthy dinners in the evenings is a challenge.  Why is it all so hard?!!  So, we’re sticking with salads and bowls that everyone can adjust to their preferences, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be throwing a pizza night in there somewhere.  Just doing my best here, y’all, haha!

Monday- Honey Mustard Chicken Salad (shown above)
Tuesday- Turkey Taco Quinoa Bowl
Wednesday- Chicken Yakisoba
Thursday- Ultimate Chopped Salad
Sheet Pan Nachos

Hope you have a great day and a great start to your week!

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