The Happiest of Fridays- Last Day of School!!

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!  And the HAPPIEST Friday to us since today is our last day of school!!!  And I say our last day because I feel like I have labored right alongside the kids, haha!  They may have been doing the hard stuff, but I’ve been making the lunches, picking up and dropping off (not ONE tardy this year!!  That is nothing short of a MIRACLE on my end, haha!), sending in the money, remembering the permission slips, etc., so I am celebrating the beginning of summer as much (if not more than??) the kiddos!!  And a hats off to all the other mamas celebrating with me– WE MADE IT!!  And now for some much deserved time off– before the kids start to get on each other’s nerves something fierce, and I have to separate them all into different rooms before school starts back again.  Just keeping it real… haha 🙂

But seriously, I am SO HAPPY school is out and we can enjoy our two months of summer.  Both the girls had a wonderful year, loved their teachers, learned so much, and we’ll be forever grateful.  But we’re ready for summertime!  We are creating our summer bucket list today after school gets out (to be shared next week!), and then RELAXING all weekend without a soccer game, a planned event, or baseball outing anywhere on the schedule.  Sounds like perfection.  Scott’s gonna grill some ribs, I’m gonna drink some wine, and that’s it as far as our plans go.  So three cheers for Friday, for summer, and for wine!!

So Happy Friday and Happy End of the School Year!  I am SO SO SO SO proud of Brantley for having a wonderful year in 2nd grade, for Gracie and her rock star Kindergarten year, and for Ben and his incredible year of preschool.  I am blessed with such incredible children, and also for their amazing teachers.  And next year- HALLELUJAH- they will all be together at the same school!  Ben in Pre-K, Gracie in 1st grade, and Brantley in 3rd grade (WHAT?!) at our elementary school.  My sweet babies, and I am so proud of them.

But, until then, we have two months of summertime to make the most of.  I want downtime, I want fun, I want relaxation, and I want activities.  But most of all, I want memories with my kids enjoying this special season of our lives.

Happy Friday, friends, and HAPPY SUMMER!

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