Hilton Head Birthday Weekend Recap

What a weekend!!  If you read my last post, you might know that I celebrated my 35th birthday on Friday.  And not just all Friday, but all weekend long!  My awesome mom and I scooted off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a girls beach weekend, just she and I!  It wouldn’t have been possible without Scott being such a trooper and managing the kids and taking them to Aiken for a fun weekend with Nana and Pop.  Cliche as it sounds, I know, I am blessed beyond measure, I truly am.  Here’s a little recap of our trip and the weekend, if you’re interested!

I took the girls to school Friday morning, and then mom and I were off!  With a few stops (and a few U-turns from talking too much instead of listening to our navigation, ha!) we made it to Hilton Head about 2:30.

We didn’t officially stop for lunch, so we checked into the hotel, put our stuff down, and headed out for something to eat!  There was a little New Orleans Cafe, Kenny B’s Seafood Hut,  within walking distance, so we headed over there for a bite (and a beer or three).

We ordered a bowl of gumbo, the steamed shrimp, and the barbeque shrimp, and everything was good!  The barbeque shrimp was the star of the show, but we were happy with everything.  After eating, we hopped in the car and headed out to some of the cute shops (we stayed right at Coligny Beach) near us.  We have always loved shopping with each other, but just don’t get to do it often at all anymore!  So it was fun to go out without distractions and spend time together doing what we love to do together.

So after we had worked up an appetite shopping, we headed back to the hotel, changed out of our traveling clothes, put on our pretty outfits, and headed out to dinner!  We were within walking distance of a ton of shops and restaurants, so we headed out on foot for our dinner destination.  We weren’t sure where we were going exactly but knew we wanted seafood, which was in abundance!  We happened upon FISH in Coligny Plaza, which we didn’t know until we asked, but had only been open a week and half!  We got a dozen oysters from Virginia to start, and they were delicious.  I prefer smaller oysters (typically from New England, rather than big ones from the Gulf), and they were so, so good.  After that, we both ordered fried shrimp and fish, and the shrimp were great, but they need to step it up on the fish.

 The dinner wasn’t bad (at all), but there is definitely room for improvement.  They have an awesome location, and they just need a few more weeks (months?) under their belt to work out the kinks.  The wait staff was as nice as they could be though, and were able to snap a good picture of us!

After dinner, we grabbed an ice cream, Facetimed with Scott and the kids, and walked back to the hotel.  After such a long day (and walking to and from dinner), we were exhausted!  I poured another glass of wine when we got back, but fell asleep before I could finish it!

Saturday morning, we took our time getting up and read and walked to breakfast.  We had a beautiful view of the pool and beach, and though we should’ve sat under one of the fans, we had a great meal!  I like to consume as much seafood as humanly possible when I’m at the beach, so I tried to incorporate it into all my meals!  I had a Crabcake Benedict for breakfast, and it was delicious.  And mimosas, duh.

We headed back to the room, changed into our swimsuits, and hit the beach!  There was not a cloud in the sky and we stayed out almost all day!  We did take a break from the sun for a bit and grabbed a beverage and some lunch.  Neither of us was starving, so we just got a few appetizers to refuel- Fried Calamari and a Pimiento Cheese Board.  And a Moscow Mule (which was amazing)!

We stuck it out until about 5:00 at the beach, and headed back to the hotel to shower and change.  Our waiter at breakfast told us about Hudson’s on the north side of the island, and how it was one of the oldest restaurants in Hilton Head, and they caught all their own seafood.  That was all we needed to hear, and we hopped in the car and headed in that direction for dinner.  We grabbed a couple of margaritas and sat at picnic tables outside while we waited for our food.  It wasn’t as humid, and there was a nice breeze, which was perfect while we waited, chatted, and people watched!

I was convinced that I was going to get a steamed or broiled seafood platter, but our waiter convinced me to go ALL OUT if I’m gonna go all out.  So fried it was!!  And it did not disappoint.  Is wasn’t a heavy batter, it was really light and crispy, seasoned well, and it was so evident that the seafood was so fresh.  The fried shrimp and fried scallops were my favorite, but everything was good.  And the hushpuppies- OMG.  We could have just eaten those for dinner!  The place was packed, but we were seated relatively quickly for a Saturday night, the food came quickly, it was delicious, and the ambiance was great.  I would highly recommend Hudson’s for authentic and freshly caught seafood in Hilton Head.

And the views are gorgeous for pictures!

Again, we headed back home and enjoyed some wine in the hotel room.  And again, I fell asleep with wine on my nightstand, before I could finish it all!

We were up Sunday morning, got ready and all packed up, and headed out.  A quick but absolutely amazing and enjoyable trip with my mom!  We stopped at Watusi for breakfast before we left the island, and shared French Toast (YUM) and a Crab, tomato, spinach, onion, and cheddar omelet (OMG YUM).  It was awesome.

It took us about 4 hours to get back to Loganville, but we enjoyed talking and laughing (and missing turns and having to turn around on backroads) the whole way.  There aren’t suitable words to express how incredible my mom is and how much she means to me, and I will remember this trip forever and ever.  What a way to kick off 35!  I love you mom, and thank you so much for the awesome weekend.

We made it home, and Scott and the kids (maybe even Scott more than the kids) were so excited to greet me!  They had planned their own special celebration for me and were so anxious to kick it off.  I got presents and handmade cards, a foot rub, and a special song!

Then the kids helped prepare and serve a special dinner for me!  The Maitre D presented me with some delicious prosecco, and my meal!

Everything was delicious, made with love, and made me so happy.  I have to admit, it was nice to be spoiled and pampered for just a bit!  And by the people that I love so dearly?  It meant the world.

So like I said before, what a weekend!!!  It will be hard to top that, and I know I’ll remember this weekend always.  Thanks to my mom and dad, Scott and the kids, and my in-laws for making such a wonderful weekend possible for me.  Also, thank you to all my other friends and family for all the sweet comments, texts, calls, and messages all weekend long!  My heart burst a little bit everytime I read a new message, and I really appreciated every single one.

And NOW, back to the real world, haha!  Thankfully we only have this week of school left, and it’s SUMMMMMMMMER!!!  This week is not nearly as crazy busy as the last two were, and knowing that the end is THISCLOSE, I am just that much more pumped for the weekend.  I don’t have a meal plan for this week, since I was clearly far too busy eating meals than I was planning meals this weekend, haha!  But it’s most likely going to be a lot of cleaning out the fridge and flying by the seat of our pants, eating breakfast or sandwiches for dinner.  I hope you also had a great weekend, and I wish you a very HAPPY MONDAY!


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