Happy Mother’s Day + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I heard a quote over the weekend, “Mother’s Day is not about letting mom relax, but acknowledging that mom never relaxes.” How true, right, haha!  My husband and kids gave me a wonderful day to top off a fun weekend.

We wrapped up Ben’s baseball season on Friday night, and got some ice cream on the way home.  He loved baseball so much that I signed him up for fall ball this week!  I am also so excited that both the girls wanted to play softball this fall, so we’ll be spending any and all our free time at the ball field, I have a feeling!  Saturday we were up bright and early for Brantley and Grayson’s soccer games, and were done by 11.  We went home to relax (and get some work done) for a bit before we headed off to a birthday party.  We had a nice big steak for Mother’s Day feast #1 on Saturday night:

mother's day meal

Then Sunday morning, I was awoken by three little monkeys that could barely wait to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day!  I got breakfast in bed, darling handmade cards (the best, right?!), a sweet card from Scott, a great karaoke show, and a bit of time to rest before we got up for church.

Mother's day

We hit up the grocery store on our way home from church, made some lunch, and rested!  I had really let the dishes and the laundry get backed up, so I actually did have to break the cardinal rules of Mother’s Day and clean the kitchen and do some laundry (see what I mean, a mom never relaxes!  But to be honest- I’d rather just do it myself anyway!).  But I did get a chance to make some plans with my Mother’s Day gift- about 20 yards of fabric for sewing!  I was able to pick out 5 different fabrics and I am planning on some dresses, maybe a top, and a pair of shorts.  Can’t wait to cut into it all!

Then Scott and I got to cooking on Mother’s Day Feast #2!  He made ribs, and I added a tomato, cucumber, and onion salad, and potato salad.

mother's day meal

We don’t have desserts with dinner very often, but I made a really quick and easy Blueberry and Strawberry Shortcake since it was a special day.

mother's day strawberry and blueberry shortcake

We had a beautiful day, and more than anything, it was so nice to spend time with my little family and feel appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day to my own amazing mom.  To my incredible mother in law.  Happy Mother’s Day to my sisters in law, to my dear friends.  Happy Mother’s Day to my fur baby mama friends!  Happy Mother’s Day to those who have lost their moms too soon.  And to those who are waiting for their children, or who are aching to celebrate a Mother’s Day of their own (I too was there, on an awful Mother’s Day 9 years ago).  It doesn’t take biology to make a mother.  It takes care, nurturing, a servant’s heart, and so, so much love.  And I wish all the moms out there so much love and care in return.  The love and comfort you provide are not offered in vain, and I hope you received it all back exponentially, this past Sunday and always.


We are sticking with simple dinners this week!  Scott and I will both be away from home Monday night for work (I almost always leave pizzas for babysitters!), then Scott again Tuesday night, we’re going out with our church small group Wednesday night (and for Gracie’s birthday!), we’ll have Thursday night at home, and then I’ll be gone Friday night!  Plus work-wise and school-wise, this week is C-R-A-Z-Y, so we’re going the easy route.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday- Pizza
Tuesday- Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Pickles and Chips
Wednesday- Dinner out for Gracie’s Birthday!
Thursday- Lasagna with Garlic Bread (the frozen one that my mother-in-law brought us that we didn’t end up eating last week!)
Friday- Ham, Green Beans, and Macaroni and Cheese

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week!

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