Father’s Day Dresses

If your husband is anything like mine, he has a closet full of dress shirts for work, and he only wears a handful.  He’s got some from college that he just can’t let go of, some that don’t fit, and some that just aren’t his style anymore (or never were!).  Instead of throwing them in a garbage bag and hauling them off to goodwill, I decided to make a few special dresses for my girls out of Scott’s old dress shirts!

I had this idea a while back, while we were doing just that- purging our closets for a Goodwill run.  I came across these nice dress shirts in Scott’s closet that he wanted to get rid of, but I just couldn’t part with Polo button ups in excellent condition!  I hung onto them just knowing I could come up with a way to use them, and dresses were the first things that came to my mind.  I did take one and made an off-the-shoulder shirt for myself (worn here), but when Scott saw the dresses that I made for the girls out of his shirts, he loved them.  And so did the girls, knowing they were wearing their Daddy’s shirt.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about clothing sustainability, and though I LOOOOOOVE to shop and I love making clothes out of new fabrics, if there is something in our closet that we’re not wearing, why not repurpose it into something that we will wear instead of getting rid of it?

{{By the way:: we still definitely donate a lot to Goodwill and a few other local charities that pick up donations directly from our house.  But after reading articles like this and watching the documentary The True Cost, it makes you think about your clothing purchases, fast fashion, and upcycling and/or reusing textiles!}}

And not only are the dresses sweet to wear for Father’s Day, but for anytime!  The peasant dress style is casual and sweet, and can look so different depending on what colors, prints, or weaves the dress shirt is. How cute would this be with long sleeves in a soft plaid flannel for the fall?!  I have a few other solid white ones too that I plan on making for the girls, and adding some pom pom trim around the sleeves and the hem.  You can make them as simple or as embellished as you like (I went the simple route with these).  Plus, the fit is so roomy that they will be easily worn for years to come as a tunic and a top after it’s too short for a dress.

I’m not in the business of selling my sewing creations so much anymore, but if you’d like a custom dress for your daughter for Father’s Day, let me know and we may be able to work something out!  Perhaps a very limited number of Father’s Day Dresses in the next few weeks.  Either way, I love that the girls get to wear a special piece of their Daddy when they wear these dresses, and it makes them so proud!  And I’d say it probably makes Scott pretty proud too.


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