What I Wore (A Day Late)

I have been swamped with work for my first Magnolia Marketing Group Social Media Marketing 101 Workshop, and wasn’t able to get my WIW post up yesterday.  So here I am, a day late, posting what I’ve been wearing the past two weeks!

I pulled out my long sleeves for a few days when we got a bit of a cold snap two weeks ago.  I have actually had these silver brogues for a few years, and have never worn them!  But they worked for a fun night out for pizza and walking around in Downtown Monroe.

Camo Jacket- Abercrombie & Fitch via TJ Maxx
triped Blouse- Loft
kinny Jeans- Target
ilver Brogues- Target
other Pendent- Etsy

I wore this me-made Cabin Tunic to the baseball game at Sun Trust park!  The forecast said a high of 70, but it was more like 80 inside the stadium!  I had to shed my jacket, but at least my top was roomy and light!  I made this last year with a lightweight embroidered white cotton, and it is a great basic.

White Embroidered Cabin Tunic- Made by Me!
Mother Pendent- Etsy
kinny Jeans- Gap 
Striped Wedge Sandals- TJ Maxx

While we were in Savannah, I tried to still take photos of my outfits, though I didn’t have my normal set-up!  I have been making ALL THE OFF THE SHOULDER TOPS with the Mama Daphne pattern, and was finally able to actually wear a few while we were away!  I love this white long sleeve pom pom trimmed version- and it was perfect for the mild and gorgeous weather we had.  And as Scott said, I must’ve had 17 people stop me and ask me about my tassel clutch, a GREAT purchase I made last summer.  I tried to look them up on Etsy, where I bought it last year, but the seller wasn’t active anymore.  Not such a bad thing, though, since it did NOT arrive in the 4 weeks I was told (it took 2 months to ship!), and I have had problems with the leather tassels unraveling (I keep a tube of super glue in the pocket for quick fixes!).  But otherwise, it is ADORABLE, and I have actually thought about making them myself!  So let me know if you want to be added to the waiting list!

White Off the Shoulder Pom Pom Top- Made by Me!
Destroyed Jeans- Target
Beaded and Tassel Earrings- Etsy
Nude Lace Up Wedges- Gigi’s Boutique (follow them on instagram- they post awesome sales and will ship!  These were only $10!)
Tassel Clutch- Etsy (but comment if you want one, and I’ll contact you when I make them!)

Another super fun off the shoulder top!  I LOVED this sweet floral fabric when I saw it, and knew I wanted a top in it.  I added a bit you yellow mini-pom trim to the sleeves and was in love.  Another great outfit for Savannah.  And by the way- we walked a million miles through the city and up and down the cobblestone-y roads, and these lace up block heels were SO comfortable and my feet NEVER hurt from them!  I like wearing flat sandals too, but if I can find a pair of heels or wedges that are just as comfy, I will wear them until they fall apart!  These are awesome.

Floral Off the Shoulder Top- Made by Me!
Red Tassel Earrings- Made by Me!
Destroyed Jeans- Target
ace Up Block Heeled Sandals- Old Navy

LOVE this dress, LOVE these earrings, LOVE these shoes.  And my favorite jacket for when I met my dear friend for lunch on our last day in Savannah.  I love the color and the embroidery on the dress- and will be wearing it all summer long.

Yellow Embroidered Dress- Old Navy
Lace Up Block Heeled Sandals- Old Navy
Beaded and Tassel EarringsEtsy
Camo Jacket- Abercrombie & Fitch via TJ Maxx

I am a SUCKER for striped anything and am so in love with this super cute striped tunic.  And the best part- the cute gathered and crisscrossed back!  I wore it to Gracie’s Easter Egg Hunt at school.

Striped Tunic- Bella Grace
Skinny Jeans- Target
Beaded Necklace- Boutique in St. Augustine
Nude Lace-Up Wedges- Gigi’s Boutique

Easter!  I had full intentions of making a dress for myself (I cut out the fabric and everything!!), but after making the two dresses for the girls, and Ben’s tie, I was just done.  So I grabbed this beauty out of the closet, and all was right with the world!  I love the angel sleeves on this white cotton dress.  It was feminine and comfortable, and one of my favorites.

White Angel-Sleeve Dress- Old Navy
Nude Wedges- Old Navy
Floral Necklace- Jane

And lastly, I saw this embroidered top at my friendly neightborhood Wal Mart the other day, and it is SO CUTE!!!!!  I am really tempted to go back and get it in white, blue, and black since it was $11!!!!  And I love the cute tassel bracelets too- $4!  Can’t beat that.

Red Embroidered Top- WalMart
Ripped Jeans- Old Navy
Lace Up Block Heeled Sandals- Old Navy
Tassel Bracelets- WalMart
Gold Cuff Bracelets- Reece Blaire

Even though I am a day late, and the link-up is closed,  hop over to The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore post, and check out all the great ideas and outfit inspiration!

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