SunTrust Park + Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Monday, friends!  We had a great Spring Break, and lucky for me and Scott, it’s not quite over yet!  But more on our Savannah trip later this week.  Today I wanted to share a bit about our first trip to the NEW Braves Stadium- SunTrust Park!

The Braves have kicked off their season, but haven’t actually had a home game yet.  But on Saturday, UGA played Missouri at the new stadium and since my brother is a UGA grad, we met him, my sister in law, niece and nephew, and my parents for a ball game!  Honestly, I’m happy to watch just about any baseball game, and was so excited to see the new Braves stadium!

I think it pretty much made Scott’s dreams come true when we drove past the stadium to the parking lot and Ben said, “Holy Moly (or more like Ho-Yee Mo-Yee)! I want to play baseball for the Braves when I grow up.” If you know Scott and his die-hard loyalty to our Atlanta Braves, you’ll know how great that moment was.

This little boy was in awe.

We enjoyed the ballpark standards, and let me tell you, there is no hot dog or beer in the world that tastes better than one you have at a baseball game.

The kids were so good, the game was good, the company was GREAT, and we had such a fun time.

We had such an awesome day, and we can’t WAIT to go back and watch the BRAVES play for years to come in their new stadium!

For those interested, getting to the stadium was very easy- easier than Turner Field, IMHO.  Coming from Loganville, we took Hwy 78 to 285 to the 75 South exit which dumped us out right at the stadium.  The only traffic we hit was the backup from those wanting to get onto 75, which is always there.  Otherwise, no big deal.  There were definitely as many people in attendance as a normal Braves game, but it WAS a Saturday.  I have a feeling weeknight games are going to be a huge disaster, traffic-wise (especially with the whole 85 collapse catastrophe) since the 75/285 junction is always really congested on a normal day.  Add a 7:05 Braves game while people are trying to get home from work?  Or even an afternoon game that finishes right at the peak of rush hour?  All I know is I’m glad I don’t work in town anymore.  But the stadium was nice, the food options were good (we stuck with the basics since that’s what the kiosk offered closest to our aisle), and I didn’t get the opportunity to see the memorabilia and see all the historical jerseys and the Hank Aaron statue, but everyone else in my family said it was awesome.  So, NEXT TIME!

As we walked back to the car after the game, Ben made me promise we would bring him back for another game, because it was the best day ever.  It made me think of all the games that my parents took us to, when Dale Murphy played and you could just about sit anywhere since nobody went to the games, the Braves were so bad!  It made me think way back to Fulton County Stadium, to the 1991 “worst to first” season when the Braves made it all the way to the World Series just to fall to the Twins, yet Atlanta threw a big parade for them anyway, and my mom took Ramsey and I to it to see our favorite team and players (I still remember taking Marta there!)!  It made me think of the track and field and baseball games we watched at Turner Field at the 1996 Olympics, and then Braves games there.  It made me think of my first Braves games with Scott, sharing the love of the game and our shared love of the Braves.  And then sharing the love of baseball and the Braves with our children.  Our first game with Brantley, our first game with Brantley AND Grayson, and games with each of the kids on their own since then.  Yes Ben, we will take you back.  It will become as much a part of you as it has been a part of your mom and dad.  Thanks Atlanta, and thank you Braves, for being such a wonderful part of our family.  And we just know that Sun Trust Park will mean as much to us as the stadiums before, and even that much more to our kids.  Thanks Bammy and PaDaddy for the tickets this past weekend, and GO BRAVES!


As far as meal planning for the week– since Scott and I are in Savannah until tomorrow night, I’m only really planning for three nights and keeping it simple since we have another SUPER busy couple of weeks.  And OH, by the way, EASTER is this weekend!  It’s just going to be our sweet family of 5 for Easter dinner, so I’m not going crazy.  Buuuut, still making a bunch of our favorite traditional Easter dishes, of course.  But, I’ll share our Easter menu later this week!  Here’s what we’re having the rest of this week:

Wednesday- Greek Chicken Quinoa Bowls (shown above, yum!)
Thursday- Light Chicken Alfredo Rigatoni with Spinach and Artichokes
Lentil Taco Salad

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week.  Happy Monday!

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