Kid-Free Weekend Recap + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that you were able to enjoy some beeeee-youtiful weather like we did.  The kids had a big time with their Nana and Pop, which allowed for Scott and I to have a fun weekend on our own at home!  Here’s a bit of a recap of our weekend…

Ben had another baseball game Friday night, and it was a great spring evening!  He is loving baseball, and gets better every single day.  As long as he is enjoying himself, this mama is happy.  But if he can develop a love for the game like Scott and I have?  Icing on the cake, my friends.  And so far, so good.

Saturday morning, we got up and met Scott’s parents halfway between Loganville and Aiken to hand the kids over for the weekend!  The kids were SO excited to spend the weekend with Nana and Pop, and we were pretty pumped for a weekend to ourselves as well!  After we hugged and kissed and said goodbye to the kiddos, we headed out!

The Wall That Heals is a traveling Vietnam Memorial, and it was on exhibit in John’s Creek over the weekend.  So we headed up for a picnic and to view the memorial.  The day couldn’t have been more beautiful, and we enjoyed the sunshine as we ate the subs that Scott’s parents brought us from Scott’s favorite sub shop in Aiken!

We caught up with a colleague of Scott’s, and toured the memorial.  It really was so moving to see the crowd of people at the park to view the wall.  So many vets, so many proud families, and so many indebted citizens.  And one thing I noticed and mentioned to Scott, is that you often hear people thank veterans for their service, but I often think how uncomfortable the reply back must feel (“you’re welcome” seems unfitting, right?).  But I had heard the loveliest response back from a veteran on Saturday.  A woman said to a vet, “Thank you for your service, sir.” And the veteran replied, “It was my honor.  Thank you for your support.” I nearly teared up as I overheard their exchange.  I thought that was so nice.  We enjoyed our time at the park and at the memorial so very much.

After we left John’s Creek, we went to The Forum, which is a nice outdoor mall, not too far from where the memorial was.  We grabbed some coffee and shopped a bit, I was able to make some exchanges that were on my to-do list, and again, just enjoyed the weather and enjoyed being out in public without having to constantly be aware of where the kids were and what they were doing (can I get an Amen from all the mamas out there?!).  We hit up Trader Joe’s for some dinner necessities (wine, wine, wine, wine, beets, asparagus, and wine), and headed home.  I should’ve gotten some fresh flowers!

We got home and made a few cocktails (my mint came back in our planters from last year!), grilled steaks, and roasted vegetables for dinner.  The perfect end to a wonderful day!

We woke up Sunday morning and watched a few old episodes of The Office (the best part of streaming tv!) before we had to start getting ready for church (which was a solid hour later than I typically have to start getting ready with the kids!).  We stopped for coffee, and still got there an hour early.  Photo below of us:

And the rest of the sanctuary:

TOTALLY EMPTY!  But par for the course for us– Scott likes to be in our spot (we have a specific place we sit each and every Sunday) way before anyone else gets into the sanctuary!  And TBH, I like it too- we get a little more quiet time before the rest of the congregation starts streaming in.

After church, we hit up our favorite Vietnamese place right down the road and got some potstickers, and two enormous bowls of pho.

After we got home, we actually got some work done, before we headed out again!  We went to our sweet little Downtown Monroe to walk around a bit and just enjoy the beautiful day.

We came home and made a big chopped salad for dinner, watched more of The Office, and talked about the kids more than anything.  I have certainly felt like I didn’t have much of a purpose this weekend without them here!  But we definitely enjoyed the quiet and the time to ourselves.  But now I am excited for some spring break fun!


To be honest, I don’t have a great meal plan ready for this week!  I have three meals planned, and am likely headed to the store today to see what looks appealing for those last two meals.  Or maybe, since it’s Spring Break, we’ll just leave those other two nights open for adventures (or leftovers, ha!).  But here’s what I have so far:

Meal One- Greek Salad Bowl with Marinated Chickpeas (Shown Above- doesn’t it look amazing?!)
Meal Two- Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice
Meal Three- Pizza Casserole

And we’ll just have to see where the other nights take us!  I hope you have a wonderful week!

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