Happy Friday: Spring Break Recap

Every Friday is a Happy Friday around here, but we are wrapping up our Spring Break, and I am so sad!  Not having to set the alarm clock and get everyone up and ready, but instead having slower mornings and plenty of time for rest and play has been so nice.  The silver lining, though?  The school year is almost over!!  Man, is that hard to believe! The kids have played SO WELL together about 90% of break (and that other 10% made me feel like I might lose my mind), and all they really wanted to do this week was pick strawberries, eat ice cream, and play at home.  DONE!  We squeezed a few other things in, and have a really fun weekend coming up too.  

We made strawberry jam, strawberry smoothies, and still have strawberries in the freezer, and two tupperware containers full of strawberries in the fridge!  Good thing I have three strawberry fans on my hands!  Also a good thing we went picking when we did, since a HUGE storm moved in the next morning.

It thunderstormed ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday.  I myself LOVE a good stormy day (as long as everyone is safe, nobody gets hurt, no damages, etc), and luckily the kids did too!  We watched movies, played board games, ate snacks, and generally stayed in our cozies all day long.  The dogs, however, were not fans of the storm!  Poor Kenny was snuggled up in Brantley’s lap most of the day!  Thursday it cleared up but was still chilly.  We got out and went to Downtown Monroe for some of our favorite pizza and a look through some of our favorite shops.

And now here we are!  Friday of Spring Break.  We are baking cookies today to give to our neighbors to invite them to our church for Easter Sunday, trying to clean up the house, and probably going to have a family movie night with popcorn and lots of good snuggles.  And tomorrow we are headed to the new Braves Stadium- SunTrust Park!  We’re meeting my parents, my brother, sister in law, niece, and nephew for the UGA vs. Missouri game at the new field.  We don’t really have a dog in the fight, but we are always up for a ball game!  I am really excited to see the field, and it’s supposed to be 70 and sunny, which ought to be perfect spring weather for a baseball game.

And SUNDAY, Scott and I are heading to Savannah!  Bammy is  going to watch the kids for us as we head down for a few days away.  Scott has a work conference, and I am lucky enough to be able to tag along.  I can’t wait for some good food, some time away with my honey, and time to enjoy one of our favorite cities!  Not a bad way to extend MY
spring break a bit!

*I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!*

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