Eating Our Way Through Savannah

Last Sunday, Scott and I were able to take a little trip away to Savannah, just the two of us!  Scott visits Savannah several times a year for work, and once a year or so, I get the opportunity to tag along.  Savannah is one of our very favorite cities, and we had a really wonderful trip.  AS I was looking back through my pictures, though, it seems like I tagged along just for the food, haha!  But, truth is, eating and sharing food is one of mine and Scott’s favorite things to enjoy together (plus, we listened to multiple episodes of The Splendid Table on our ride down!), so when it’s just he and me, we make the most of it.  So here’s a bit about what we ate during our little spring break extension in Savannah!

We were about 30 minutes from town but were STARVING, since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  I searched on yelp to see what we were close to, and Flacas Tacos popped up in Pooler.  5 stars with 143 reviews!  So we detoured a bit and ended up at the BEST taco stand (LITERAL taco stand), and I don’t think it’s just cause we were so hungry!  Scott had three beef tacos, and I had chicken, we both had real Cokes, ate at picnic tables in the 75 degree sunny weather, and it was glorious.  Highly recommend Flacas Tacos!

Once we got to the hotel, Scott rested and I took a shower, we were out on the town!  We stayed at the Marriott Riverfront, which is right on the river and just a nice walk away from a bunch of restaurants and shops. Sunday night, we headed down to one of our favorite restaurants in Savannah, Vic’s on the River!

Scott and I do not drink cocktails often, but when we do, we drink extra dirty vodka martinis.  So we ordered a round, and a couple dozen oysters to start us out.

We polished off our oysters, ordered another martini, the Fried Green Tomatoes, and Crab Cake.  Both dishes were amazing.  The tomatoes are topped with tomato jam, goat cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette, and I could eat them every day for the rest of my life and be happy.

All in all, Vic’s never disappoints.  We go everytime we’re in Savannah, and it’s always delicious.

On Monday, Scott was in his conference all day, so I was on my own!  I took advantage of the time, lounged in the room for a while, did plenty of work on my own, ordered breakfast in, but then headed out on the town for lunch!  When I am on the coast, the one thing I want the most is so simple- I always want fresh fried shrimp (NOTHING like it!).  So I headed out seeking exactly that.  First I got a little distracted by beer, haha.  And it was delicious.

I went to Tubby’s right on the River Walk, and it was pretty busy for lunch, so I just sat at the outside bar.  It was about 72 degrees, and it was so perfect.  Plus, the view wasn’t so bad!

Scott isn’t a big fan of any seafood-related dips, so if I’m by myself and I see it on the menu, I order it.  Hence the Crab Dip .  It was cheesy and crabby and delicious.

And the Fried Shrimp did not disappoint.  They were fresh, hot, crispy, and so, so good.

I left absolutely stuffed and completely satisfied!  Perfect Fried Shrimp.  Thanks Tubby’s!

Good thing we did plenty of walking in Savannah, because I definitely needed to burn off the calories.  But they were so worth it!  I headed back to the hotel, but not before grabbing some treats for the kids, and a little gelato for me…

When I got back to the hotel, I was able to do a bit more work before Scott was done for the day, then we headed right back out again!  I actually wasn’t very hungry since I stuffed myself at lunch, and we both wanted something a little different than our typical Southern fare.  We headed away from the river towards Broughton Street, where all the cute shops and cafes are.  The Flying Monk Noodle House caught our eyes, and when Scott saw the pho on the menu, it was the winner!

We started with egg rolls and this delicious pork for appetizers.  It was so tender, and the Thai flavors were so bright and vibrant, which made a nice contrast with the fattiness and richness of the pork.

I had the Lemongrass Noodle Bowl with Shrimp (duh) and Scott had Beef Pho.  Both were SO GOOD.  Perfectly light and refreshing after my fried lunch.

After dinner, we walked through Savannah, and parked on a bench in the park and just sat and enjoyed the amazing weather and each others company.  It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

Tuesday morning, Scott had one session before we were to head back home, and I was able to meet my oldest friend Marie, who was down in Savannah with her mom and kids for Spring Break!  We joked about how we had to be on vacation to have an opportunity to get together!  We met at B. Matthews, a great brunch spot to chat, catch up, and eat.

Again, I stuck with seafood, and ordered the Salmon Breakfast Hash.  It was a black bean, peppers, sweet potato, and onion hash with a huge filet of Salmon, and a poached egg on top, and it was DELICIOUS!

We had a great time, and the kids were so sweet!  We promised to not let so much time separate our next get together!  We’ve been friends since 2nd grade– literally almost 30 years!

I got back to the hotel room just as Scott was finishing up, and we headed home.  It was a quick trip to Savannah, but I truly believe that even the short little trips that we have to ourselves fuel us for all the hard work it takes to be parents and run our family together!  We are able to reconnect and just enjoy each others company.  The longer we are married the more I realize that Scott really is my best friend and we that genuinely like each other!  He is the person I enjoy being around most and so the time we have together, one on one, is cherished.  Especially since it doesn’t happen very often!  But getting home and seeing the kids (and thanking my mom profusely for watching them and affording us the opportunity to get away in the first place!) was equally as sweet. 🙂  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, enjoyed all the food, and enjoyed Savannah as always!


I hope you have a thoughtful Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter weekend!  We are serving the community with our church tomorrow, helping with and attending our final Easter Egg hunt of the season, and then spending Easter at our church praising our RISEN SAVIOR before we enjoy our Easter Dinner at home, just the five of us.  I hope you are able to be with family or loved ones in whatever capacity you like and have a beautiful weekend.  He is Risen, indeed!
Happy Easter, friends!

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