Easter 2017 + Weekly Meal Plan

What a beautiful Easter weekend we had!  Not only was it literally beautiful- sunny skies and 78 degrees, but we were able to serve the community, spend time together as a family, worship in our amazing church, witness an inspiring Easter sermon, eat a delicious Easter dinner (if I do say so myself :)), enjoy an afternoon at the park, and even ice cream sundaes (or Easter Sundaes…get it?!).  A beautiful slice of life all in one weekend.

We got to our church at 8 am on Saturday morning for Grayson Day of Service, where over 300 of our members went out into the community, performing various service projects to help out our neighbors, and share God’s love.  We volunteered to help with the Grayson City Easter Egg Hunt and Face Painting!  After we ate breakfast at the church, we headed over to the park.  The kids were excited about the egg hunt, but more excited to have their faces painted by mom!

And excited to have their picture taken with Pastor Scott, of course!

The egg hunt was a bit overwhelming for the kids (but no worries, it was their THIRD one last week), but the face painting was a success!

We headed home, did our Easter grocery shopping, and I started (yes, STARTED) sewing the kids Easter outfits!  I bought the fabric WEEKS ago, but if I am anything, I am a procrastinator.  And the fact is certainly true when it comes to sewing!  But I made Ben a tie and two dresses for the girls in a few hours, and we were good to go for Easter morning!

The Easter Bunny came!  I woke up to the sound of the kids running down the stairs and into the kitchen where their Easter baskets were.  They were SO excited (more than I expected!) about their new flip flops and didn’t even mind the limited candy!  #MomWin or #EasterBunnyWin 🙂

So the kids ate every last bit of candy they could possibly stuff in their mouths before we had to get ready for church.  We had 10 minutes to spare, and grabbed some photos before we left!  My darling babies.

My sweet Brantley (though she has been an, *uhem* challenge this week).  She is growing up so fast.

She wanted to twirl. 🙂  I made the girls the Nora Dress from Violette Field Patterns, one of my very favorite designers for girls dresses.  I like to stick to traditional silhouettes and fabrics for Easter, and just loved the sweet floral and short sleeves on these.  And definitely the twirl factor in the sweet gathered skirts.

My sweet Gracie Girl.  She has the signature Midkiff nose scrunch. 🙂

And this sweet boy.  He was so proud that he matched his sisters, and how he had a “Daddy tie” and how handsome he looked.  I agree, buddy.

And after church, we snapped a few pics in front of the sanctuary.  Or, I should say, a nice gentleman offered to take pictures of us!  Thanks, kind sir, for taking our family Easter photo.

After we got home from church, I got to cooking!  I only had the mac and cheese and green beans to tackle; I had everything else pretty much done already.  So about 1:45, we were ready to eat!

I have to admit, I ate 2 or 3 deviled eggs while cooking (might be closer to 4 :)), so I didn’t make a huge plate when it was finally to eat!  Patti La Belle’s Macaroni and Cheese recipe still reigns as the best I have made, or ate!  Everything was good, and one of my favorite meals of the year, for sure.  Scott’s favorite is the potato salad, and I make it according to his grandmother’s recipe, since that’s his favorite. 🙂

After all those calories, I had to take a bit of a rest!  I laid down on the sofa and dozed off for a minute, and then we all got up, got changed and headed off to the park!  Scott and I walked around the track that encircles a playground where the kids played.

We pretty much had the park to ourselves, and it was so beautiful out!  Scott and I remarked that we have really had a lovely spring this year.  It seems that most years Georgia skips from winter to summer in about 2 weeks, but since our winter was so mild this year, all of March and April have been so nice (save a few crazy days)!

We headed home, traded in our coconut cake for ice cream sundaes, and put the kids to bed early.  What a day–what a weekend.  And all thanks to our glorious risen Savior!   As our pastor said this morning, God has kept every promise to us- every single one- including sending a savior for us all.   And Jesus kept every single promise to us.  He has risen, just as he says.  Happy Easter, y’all.  He keeps His promises.


We have a bunch of leftovers from yesterday, so this week’s meals will be all about getting creative with what we already have in the fridge!  So here’s what we’re planning for this week:

Monday- Chicken Cobb Salad
Ham Fried Rice with Broccoli
Hamburger and Hotdog Potluck with our SALT group
Thursday- Lentil Taco Salad (shown above)
– Pizza

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and have a wonderful start to your week!

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