DIY Triple-Tassel Earrings

This week has been a beast (does anyone else feel like with Easter being late this year that it has just made this month crazy???), and I wasn’t able to get my WIW post up today!  I’ll have anther big one next Wednesday, but at least wanted to share this fun and super easy DIY for these adorable Triple Tassel Earrings today!

I actually mashed two different tutorials to make these- my tassel DIY from a few weeks back, and this great post from the cutest crafty blog- Bunny Baubles.  Julia makes a copycat pair of these MISA earrings for pennies compared to the $96 price tag!  And y’all- they are SO EASY TO MAKE.  I made two pairs in literally 30 minutes, not even.  And the best thing is, you can create them in whatever color combinations you like- solid, ombre, or a specific combination to match your favorite outfit!  I made mine with three tassels instead of four just because I liked the length better on me, but go all out!  Even two would be so cute!

Instead of reinventing the wheel with a very similar tutorial, pop over to Bunny Baubles and check out how Julia makes them!  Use her three-finger tassel making technique to get tassels the length shown in my photos here, or if you want your tassels a little longer, use my tutorial here.  Either works well- it just depends on the length you’re going for.  I am so excited to wear these with a cute off the shoulder top or dress this summer!  Enjoy!

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