Lutons Lately

WHEW!  We have had a super-busy few weeks.  Sports are ramping up, school is winding down, and my calendar is JAM PACKED FULL!  Sharing what’s been going on with us lately here today—

  • My Lent commitment to no yelling has been going pretty well!  Not saying it has gone perfectly by any means, but I will say that I am much more aware of my tone with the kids and am consciously trying to be more patient.  Everyone’s comments on my original post were so helpful, and I have involved the kids in the process, letting them know that I was trying very hard to not yell at them anymore.  And you know what?  It seems to be working, at least a little.  The kids have lowered their voices too since Mommy is, which I consider a WIN!  Now, if I can only keep it up the last couple of weeks…
  • WORDS YOU NEVER THOUGHT WOULD COME OUT OF MY MOUTH— We canceled our DirecTV service.  True story!!  After paying upwards of $150-170 a month on cable, we decided to cut the cord (or, more literally, unplug the cord), and now we are proud owners of a few Roku Streaming Sticks, and have really not missed out on anything!  We got them in the mail about a week ago (after a looooooong weekend without any TV at all, since our cable was disconnected on the Friday before, and our Rokus arrived 3 days late), and it has been like Christmas for the kids.  They can watch movies after school or those crazy surprise egg-opening videos on YouTube right on the tv (anyone else who thinks that it’s super weird and is always keeping one eye on the tv while they’re watching those things?) and Scott is finally watching all the shows I watched years ago (he finished Making a Murderer in two days).  As we speak we are watching the first season of Fargo on Hulu (second time for me), and I am pumped to watch Season 2 for the first time with him!  Hulu and Netflix subscriptions are the only paid tv services we have right now, and they only total about $18 a month, so we are saving a whopping $130-150 a month just on tv!  Not too bad, and so far so good.  We may have to add Sling TV to get some live tv (especially when football season starts back), but so far, we’re big fans.
  • Speaking of TV and movies, we have watched a few good ones lately.  We’re a few years late, but we watched Whiplash for the first time a week or so ago, and it was really good.  We watched Hacksaw Ridge too (Mel Gibson as the director, and Andrew Garfield as the main character were both nominated for Oscars), and it was another fantastic movie.  Scott and I love watching documentaries (thankfully, there are plenty on Hulu and Netflix!), and we watched Sustainable the other night, about the sustainable foods movement.  It was thought-provoking and really good.
  • We are SO excited that Ben will be in Pre-K next year, and he was selected for the Georgia Pre-K program at the girls’ elementary school!  It’s a lottery system, so his spot was not guaranteed when we registered him.  But his name was called, and we couldn’t be more excited.  I really struggled with the decision to keep him in his preschool or to take the next step and move him into the elementary school, but with LOTS of prayer, discussions with good friends and Ben’s teachers, we are totally at peace with our decision.  And so excited for Ben!  I think he is going to love being at the same school as his big sisters, making new friends, and doing all the fun things that he’ll do in class.  At first, I was getting so, so (SO) sad that my baby is heading off to big kid school (DEFINITELY still have my moments- I may or may not have already had several teary-eyed walks from the preschool to the car picking him up from school), but now I am truly so excited for him.  Plus, NEXT YEAR ALL MY KIDS WILL BE IN SCHOOL ALL DAY!!!  The kids are growing and we are entering into such a fun time in their lives, and our lives as parents.  And why not be excited about that?!
  • I’ve been chronologically reading through the Bible since the first of the year, and I have really been enjoying it.  I have read seven books so far (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, a bit of 1 Chronicles, and Job), which is seven more than I ever had before!  There are two main things I have really enjoyed about reading straight through the Bible. One- We have been reading the Bible with the kids every day (this one) for a while now.  But now that I am reading the same Bible stories, I feel like I can expand on the text answer their questions a little bit better now (I still have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go, but I’m learning so much!).  And Two- we all have our favorite Bible verses  and scripture that we cling to to motivate us or encourage us, etc.  But reading your favorite verses in the actual historical context makes them so much more powerful.  It’s not difficult to do, but it is a commitment.  I would recommend it to anyone!
  • And last but not least for today, we are looking forward to planting a new garden this year!  We had a pretty decent little set-up last year, and can’t wait to expand our variety of veggies and herbs this spring.  But first, we are starting a compost bin!  This is a first for us- we have never composted before.  Pinterest has lots of ideas for DIY compost bins, info on what to compost and what not to, so I’ve been doing my research before we get this thing started.  Hopefully, we’ll produce some great compost to fertilize our garden with!  Also, maybe it will help keep my plants alive (I kinda have a black thumb). 🙂  Any advice, suggestions, or recommendations are welcome!


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