Links I Love

Need some fun things to read in all your free time (LOL, right?)?  More like, need some things to occupy your time while you put off folding the laundry, or need some time wasters while you sit in the car pool line?  Here are some fun posts from around the web…

Have you heard of a Bullet Journal?  Pretty sure I’m gonna have to make one.

Brantley got this book set for Christmas that I remember and LOVED from my childhood.  She read the ENTIRE first book on Christmas Day, and finished all three before she went back to school!

I love these Trader Joe’s Hacks for quick and easy dinners.  We’ve been going to Trader Joe’s so much more often lately, and I love new ideas for fun products to look for!

And speaking of TJ’s, love this blog!

Feeling a little blue?  Just stand up!

Gonna need this necklace for the spring and summer.

I have read just about every article and blog post there is about savoring each moment as a mom, blah blah blah, and I feel like so many of them are just the same thing written over and over.  But I thought this article was one of the best that I’ve read– almost a list of instructions on how to approach parenting, and what is most important.

I made this Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip a few weeks back, and it was SO GOOD that I won’t be making the regular version again!  This one is BETTER!

My most recent Netflix obsession was Broadchurch.  SO GOOD.  If you like dark, moody crime mystery dramas, like The Fall or The Killing, this is another goooood one.  2 seasons, 8 episodes each makes for an easy long weekend binge.

After I posted this, I got a few questions as to whether or not my kids actually eat the dinners I make (they do, by the way!).  I also LOVE this list (especially #12, 18, 22, 38, and OMG- 50) and think parents can get a bunch of pointers from it!

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