DIY: How to Make Your Own Tassels

I have such a fun DIY for you today!  Do you ever see something in a store or while shopping online and think, “I could definitely make that.”  I do it ALL. THE. TIME!!  And when I started seeing so many cute and colorful tassels all over jewelry, clothing, and accessories last year, I thought that very thing– I could totally make those!  So I scoured Pinterest one night, grabbed some embroidery floss, and made tassel after tassel and was HOOKED!  I’m going to share my method with you today, and you’ll be able to embellish all the things with your beautiful tassels!

All you need is a pair of scissors and embroidery floss!  One skein of floss makes one tassel.  You can find them at WalMart or any craft store (or buy this awesome pack of 36 on Amazon!).

First, take the paper off your skein of floss.  See how easy this is??!

Take one end of the floss, and pull two skein-lengths of floss out.

Cut, and then cut in two pieces.

Lay the skein of floss perpendicularly over one of the small pieces, right in the center.

Tightly tie the small piece to the skein, right in the center.  Knot it a couple of times.

Fold the skein in half at the knot.  The knot is the top of your tassel!  Now, lay the folded skein perpendicularly on top of the other small piece, like you did the last time.  But you want the small piece to be up towards the knot this time.

Tightly tie the small piece in one knot around the top of the folded skein (almost a tassel now!).

Now wrap the tails of the small piece around the knot you made to secure the knot and secure the tassel.

Tie the ends to secure.

Cut the tails as close to the knot as you can.

Almost done!  The ends of your tassel are still bound, so take your scissors and cut the ends.

Trim the ends so they’re even.

And you’re all done!

Once you get the hang of it (won’t take long at all), you can make several really quickly!

I was hooked once I started!  And they are the perfect embellishments for just about any accessory!  You can tie them to the zippers on makeup bags, use them to make earrings or tie them onto beaded necklaces and/or bracelets, you can sew them into pillows or on the corner of cloth napkins, or sew them to the hem of a scarf, dress or top!  You can make them in tons and tons of colors or keep it monochromatic.  The possibilities are endless and all will turn out so cute!  A few of my own tasseled creations that I whipped up:

Tassel Earrings

(Awkward Selfie Showing the Cute Tassel Earrings)

Zipper Pouches with Pom Pom Trim and Tassel Zipper Pulls

Beaded Tassel Necklace for Gracie (FYI- She LOVES it!)

Off the Shoulder Tassel Top

And I have a whole pile of tassels I already made that are ready to go on a few bracelets, on a cute throw pillow, and a few more necklaces!  The accessory and color options are endless, plus they are just super fun to make.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY, and I’d love to see your tassel creations!

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