Chattanooga Field Trip + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Ours started out crazy and then slowed down considerably which was wonderful.

My mom came into town on Thursday night to help with the kids so that I could go on an all-day field trip with Brantley and her FOCUS class.  Scott had an event all day Friday and was unable to take the other kids to school, so Bammy picked up the slack and then some!  I wanted to share my photos from the day with my biggest girl, and our trip to Chattanooga.

We had to be at school at 6:15, so I was up at 4:50 and got Brantley up about 5:20.  I can’t remember the last time I was up that early– probably when Ben was a newborn!!  But Brantley bounded up out of bed and was so excited!  We got ready and went to school, got on the bus, and headed out on our way!

Our first stop was the Discovery Center Children’s Museum in Chattanooga.  We had about an hour, and they had a big time!  They dug for dinosaur bones in the sand pit and ran through a castle, and enjoyed it so much.  I wish we’d had a bit more time there!

After the museum, we hopped back on the bus for a short ride to the riverboat for our lunchtime riverboat cruise!

We stuffed ourselves with pizza and enjoyed the views from the deck of the boat.  We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather- it was chilly on the boat, but nice in the sunshine.  After our cruise and lunch, we docked and walked to the Tennessee Aquarium!

We started out on the Ocean side of the Aquarium.  We petted sting rays and enjoyed the butterfly garden!

Brantley caught a butterfly…

…and then passed it to her friend!

We moved through the rest of the Ocean side, but were really most excited to see the otters!  But the jellyfish were pretty awesome!

Inside the tank!

These girls kept telling me to take their picture- they were having a blast!

After we finished the Ocean side, we crossed over to the River side of the aquarium.  And we got to the otters!!

Brantley was so excited about seeing the otters, and they were so adorable!  They were swimming, and flipping, and sliding, and rolling- they were so cute and seemed to love all the attention!

We finished out the Rive side, and honestly, Brantley was just most excited about visiting the gift shop, haha! #mamasgirl. We made our way through, and she got a few souvenirs for her and Ben and Gracie, and we headed out to get back on the bus.

It was a looooong day, but we really had such a fun time.  And since I am usually being pulled in so many different directions, it was so nice to have some one on one time with my biggest girl.  And I tell you what, I couldn’t have been more proud of her on the trip.  Plus, she held my hand, was proud to be with me, was happy and had fun, and I know I can’t take days like that for granted!  We had a wonderful trip, and a wonderful day together.

We got back a little too late to make Ben’s baseball game, but Bammy and Scott picked up hamburgers and we made it just in time for dinner!!  We had a quiet night at home, and then I was up early again on Saturday (though not 4:50 early), since Brantley and Grayson were supposed to have soccer games.  It was raining, though, and ended up being rained out.  So we chilled out at home all day, and it was glorious!!  I got about 200 loads of laundry done and put away (after Bammy had done 300 on Friday), I did some awesome springtime sewing, and then Sunday was pretty lazy too.  We made it to church, had a sweet little picnic outside since the weather was perfectly spring-like, and got a few more things done around the house.  Slow weekends are so refreshing and absolutely necessary in our family right now!  We all have to have our precious downtime, and we loved every moment.

What a weekend!


We are on a real fish kick right now, and I love it!!  I have finally gotten Scott on board with eating fish once a week or so, and the kids love it too.  I buy frozen tilapia and typically pan fry it with a blackened seasoning for Scott, and just a seasoning salt for the kids.  It’s easy, fast, and healthy!  Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner this week:

Sunday- Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Monday- Pizza

Tuesday- Blackened Tilapia and Southwest Roasted Potato Salad (shown above)

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Spinach Soup

Thursday- Spinach, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Quesadillas (adding chicken too) and Mexican Quinoa Salad

Friday- Black Bean and Ham Soup over Rice

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

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