Hello Monday + Weekly Meal Plan

Hi Friends!  So, we all woke up feeling a little low this morning since the Falcons did not prevail last night (AKA- totally blew it) in the Super Bowl.  So sad!  But, at least we had good food (new recipe coming tomorrow!), Lady Gaga was pretty awesome, and we didn’t have much we HAD to do today, so we’ve laid pretty low! Here are a few things I’m saying hello to this morning:

Hello Favorite Bible Verse

Exodus 14:14 is my favorite Bible verse for lots of different reasons (I’ll have to go into all that another time :)).  I am reading through the Bible chronologically, and I was so excited to read this verse this morning in the context of the actual story.  It makes it that much more powerful, and even more applicable in my life.

Hello Oils, Oils, and More Oils

I am feeling about 1000 times better than I was last Monday (but still have a stubborn cough), and I truly believe that I owe it to my wonderful friends and the essential oils they mailed and dropped off and passed along to me!  I diffused On Guard and Frankincense practically 24 hours a day Monday through Friday, I took On Guard orally, I drank hot water with lemon oil, peppermint oil, and honey (MUCH stronger than just plain lemon and/or peppermint tea!), and rubbed breathe on my chest and feet at night (seriously the only thing that will stop this cough).  I am totally falling down the rabbit hole now, and want ALL THE OILS.

Hello Apple Cider Vinegar and Tumeric Tea

Along the same “natural healing” lines, my sister in law mentioned that she started drinking apple cider vinegar each morning back around the holidays.  A friend of hers does it and has noticed some great results, and apple cider vinegar has all these wonderful and healthful properties.  I thought it sounded worth looking into at the time but just hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.  But last week, when I was drinking tea round the clock, I thought, why not, and decided to try it out, and now I am HOOKED.  After I get the kids up and dressed and I’m making breakfast, I put my tea kettle on the stove, get my hot water boiling, and make tea.  Yes, even before COFFEE!  I have been making regular black or green tea (or honey vanilla chamomile, which is my fave), and once it’s done steeping, I add a tablespoon or so of ACV, a teaspoon of honey, and about a half-teaspoon of turmeric powder.  I know it all sounds gross, and vinegar with tea???  But, it adds a mild sour note that I think makes the tea even better!  ACV and turmeric both have so many health benefits (promotes good gut bacteria, detoxes the body, aids weight loss, FIGHTS COLDS, clears sinuses, balances blood sugar, aids in digestion, anti-inflammatory, helps coughs and asthma, antibiotic, aids metabolism, and many, many more!), and I am enjoying my healthy morning tea!


And here’s our weekly meal plan.  I NEED SOME NEW IDEAS!!  What are you eating for dinner this week?

Monday- Taco Fiesta Bubble Up Casserole with Salad

Tuesday- Zucchini Lasagna (a family favorite!)

Wednesday- Pork Tenderloin, Collard Greens, Honey Butter Roasted Carrots

Thursday- Egg Roll in a Bowl, Spicy Green Beans

Friday- Navy Bean, Bacon, and Spinach Soup with Corn Muffins

Hope you have a GREAT week!

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